Fit through the Advent: 4 Exercises for tight arms and strong shoulders

Varied, fun, and tough – so the Workouts from the Gym-Queen Whitney Simmons describe, with which she gives regularly to her nearly three million Followers.

Finally, the Influencerin ein&quot posted;No Machine Push Workout", the shoulders, triceps and chest, and calls – without equipment, but with Weights. As usual, you combines the Exercises to challenging super sets.

The maximum intensity in little time

The four combo Exercises ehöhen on the one hand, the intensity of the Workouts, as the muscles from different angles, and thus significantly harder to work with.

On the other hand, they provide for time saving: Instead of successively carrying out lots of reps and sets, to be hanged two Exercises without any break to each other.

So four Exercises for a complete upper body Workout, are sufficient perfect to stay in spite of the stressful run-up to Christmas in the Form!

ITSSAAA NO MACHINE PUSH WORKOUT shoulders, triceps and a lil bit of chest work today using only dumbbells and a plate. Do it at home or do it at the gym… JUST GET IT DONE let’s do it 1 turns at once several 3 sets of 12 | 3-way plate, press out all thanks to @athleanx himself a new fave of mine 2 turns at once several SUPERSET | 3 sets of 12 incline close grip chest press moving straight into 12 lying incline dumbbells extensions 3 turns at once several SUPERSET | 3 sets of 10 Arnold presses into 15 lateral raises 4 turns at once several SUPERSET | finishing off with 12 overhead crossbody tricep extensions into tricep pushups to failure WHITMAS DAY 2 IS NOW LIVE OVER ON MY YOUTUBE Wearing @gymshark power-down shorts and bralette | song is Out Of My Hands by SHY Martin

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So the Workout is working

For the Exercises, you will need a Set of dumbbells, a barbell and a weight bench.

Eighth, in spite of the dynamic Supersets in a controlled execution, by taking advantage of you on the working muscle groups are you focusing on the ends first and always the full range of motion.

1. 3-Way Plate Press Out (12 Reps, 3 Sets)

Position yourself a little further than shoulder width and grab a barbell plate with both hands.

Since the weight of the breast on the basis first above the shoulders to the front and back of the body.

Then you press the disc without a break, with yet another front – this time you rotate the torso, however, to the right. Then you repeat the movement to the other side. So you’ve completed a repetition.

2. Super set: Incline Close Grip Chest Press and Lying Incline Dumbell Extensions (12 reps, 3 sets)

For this Exercise you need a weight bench that you set for the first part of the sentence so that you can easily back bent to your seats.

Hold in each Hand a dumbbell. In the starting position, the arms are at a 90-degree angle bent at the torso, the weight you are holding just above the chest.

Press with the force of the chest muscles the dumbbells in a controlled to the top, where the arms are stretched. Do three sets of twelve repetitions.

Without Pause, it goes with the second part of the Exercise more. You can set the weight bench set almost upright and take himself to a standing Position, where you put one leg on the right and on the left next to the Bank and back, so convenient to the Backrest can support.

The upper arms form a 90-degree angle to the body, with each Hand, reach again a dumbbell. Alone with the power of your triceps you bend and stretch the forearms.

Make sure your upper arms remain along with elbow the whole time in the same place. Run here, too, three sets of twelve repetitions.

3. Super set: 10 Arrnold Presses 15 Lateral Rises

For the next Exercise, you in an upright, shoulder wide Stand with a dumbbell in each Hand.

In the starting position you’re holding it with bent arms to Chin level and directly in front of your face, palms facing to you.

With the power of your shoulders, you’re using the free weights in a rotary motion over your head. At the end of the palms facing to the front. In the same movement, you let the weight back down. Execute ten repetitions.

Right after you bend the torso slightly forward. The dumbbells come together in front of your thighs, with the palms facing each other and the arms are almost stretched.

Here, too, the shoulder will work the muscle and the Weights upwards until the arms are parallel to the ground and a straight line with the shoulders form. The dumbbells in a controlled and appropriate manner lead back again.

You perform 15 repetition. Overall, complete three sets of this Power combination.

4. Superset Of: 12 Overhead Crossbody Triceps Extensions Trceps Pushups (Dropset)

As a Finisher, a last triceps set on the schedule. For the first part of the Exercise, you stand again shoulder-width apart and hold a weight in each Hand.

To get into the starting position, stretch the arms straight up and angle the dumbbells are placed under the arms in the direction of the ground, so that in front of your face. The palms of your hands point away from the body.

By stretch the arms with the help of the trizpes muscles towards the ceiling, so that the dumbbells come together at the end of the movement over the head. Then in the starting position back. The Exercise, a total of twelve Times.

Without a break you will go in the Push Ups. Coming in a close pushup position on the floor. The feet should be wider than hütfweit apart, the hands – which still include the dumbbells – you place directly below the shoulder joints.

With the last reserves of your arm power, you leave your body in a controlled down and pressing it dynamic again. Make sure that you stay in the Core stable and your upper body is always a straight line.

Here is a Dropset. Is: Repeat until absolute muscle failure!

Laura Hindelang

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