Find your center: just 8 small steps to mindfulness in everyday life

Who is mindfully through life, gets more of his surroundings, others and his inner world.

Take the own actions and thoughts more precisely true, is a reflection of this almost automatically, and can make changes to improve your well-being.

More satisfaction through mindfulness

Mindfulness can not only reduce in the short term, the current stress level, but will help the life of long-term satisfaction and personal happiness align.

If you’ve never tried Yoga, meditation or mindfulness exercises, it can appear to be the process from the beginning to a great enrichment – in the first Moment, however, laborious.

A classic Meditation is the epitome of mindfulness. It’s not appealing to you? Not A Problem!

With a few tips you can regardless of the “Sit around and Ohm say” more mindfulness in your life, and you have access to the benefits of living in the Here-and-Now delight. Here’s how:

1. Mindful way to start the day

The first moments of the day can mindfully be designed and so the Morning is less gray appearance.

Instead of jumping to the alarm clock ringing directly frantically out of bed, you should you a brief Moment to take in order to take three, four deep breaths consciously.

Similarly effective is it to judge when to get Up from the bed the focus on the feet when they touch the ground.

No matter what you concentrate, it is important to ride the first minutes with a lot of awareness of dam. This also includes, to the Smartphone in this time of the day except Eight.

2. Conscious breathing

The proper Breathing is the key to an eight seed. Not for nothing the majority of the meditations begins with a breathing exercise.

A deep, conscious Breathing as is the case with the Zen breathing can sharpen the focus, and the mind in the present by the thoughts be directed to the Interior.

This not only helps you to avoid distractions when you Meditate, but also can help in stress removal. Crucial is a deep abdominal breathing is when you Inhale up to the ceiling so the belly and not the breast lift.

  • Let the air slowly through your nose deep into your lungs.
  • When you Exhale, the air escapes in a controlled through the mouth and the abdominal wall is lowered again.

This breathing should be followed every day for several minutes mindfully. With a little Practice you get used to such a deep breathing, and takes you almost unnoticed in everyday life.

3. With all your senses to be

In the stressful city hustle and bustle, not to include every little stimulus, has so some benefits and its Use.

However, the more often it hides in everyday life certain impressions, the more important it is to use from time to time, all of the senses to be carefully.

A walk can be, for example, are wonderful to experience your surroundings with all your senses and you.

So don’t head lower, but the environmental monitor: the people, animals and Details of buildings and nature. If you listen closely, you can find out not only noise but also birds chirping, children laughing and music.

The same applies to the food: Smell with closed eyes, enjoy the colors, feel the consistency of each bite and enjoy the flavors stimulate your taste buds.

4. Stop

Jump out of bed, drive to work, then directly to the shopping and then directly to a Meeting with friends or family… STOP!

In everyday life, many people to your appointment calendar, scarecrows, and from the Stress away tend.

Even if the pointer is ticking, you have to remain but then simply stand. Not only with the body, but also with the head.

Not all of the items on the To-Do list, but close your eyes and take a deep breath. Into will you of your thoughts and feelings and listen to you.

If you Stop and Exercise is difficult, it may help when you steer, short attention to the various parts of the body and you to this your’re going to be aware of.

Nice side effect: This ability to just stop and come back to his Senses, reduces the risk of unconscious (Over-)reactions in stressful situations.

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5. Eat mindfully

In today’s time some important part of the Day is so short. But, above all, a physical health influenced the food.

And although nutrients, minerals and vitamins have a direct impact on the organism, the beat broken down in the stress of everyday life often finished products, and nutrient-poor dishes.

Your body you to do a Favor, if you exactly starts at this point:

The eight seeds food not only to pamper your body with as many fresh ingredients. Also the way in which you take the meals to you, is crucial.

The most important Step to bring more mindfulness into the food consumption, is to listen to the signals of your body. This means that Only food, if he asked for it – this principle is also called intuitive eating.

Once Hunger strikes, you should take the time and eat to celebrate, sit down, distractions in the Form of work and screens, eliminate, and every bite felt.

The slow you eat, you can better respond to your feeling of satiety – and just in time to stop to eat. In addition, the stomach can digest better, if well chewed and not broken down was struck.

The icing on the cake, of course, the healthy, fresh ingredients is. Orienting yourself to the Ayurvedic diet. The environment also!

6. Mindful conversations

You certainly know that: You talk to a Person, introduce yourself, maybe even just for the first Time and before the Situation is over, you forget all of the recorded information again.

Or you could, you might not really save, because you were with the idea everywhere else, just not during the actual conversation?

Also within conversations, mindfulness can be practiced. What sounds simple, is often not to implement, not so easy: pay special attention to the spoken word, to Gestures and facial Expressions, the tone of voice and pauses.

Parts of the conversation-hole in the head, or talk to her again – especially the first time you Imagine this can help to name and remember them.

Important: to Listen attentively, but with no rating of your opponent to make.

7. Leave no trace

The man dominates this planet, everywhere he leaves behind traces – in the Form of garbage and pollution. How nice it would be, this would not be the case…?

Attempts, therefore, to leave every place the way you found it. You fall down, you pick it up. You used dish, rinse it immediately.

What can be in everyday life, a little Exercise for yourself, should be in the nature actually, of course, it’s not for many people, however unfortunately.

Although this Exercise looks simple, it is acting a this only really aware of how much it is, nevertheless, directly on the environment.

8. Reflect

Before going to bed, the thoughts and events of the day to write and to grade, it can help you to process the experience better and develop personally.

Some questions you should answer:

  • What happened to me today?
  • How did I feel?
  • What can I learn from this day?
  • What am I grateful for?

Especially the question of the gratitude you should daily set, you angewöhnst you to pay attention to the little things and they appreciate to learn.

It is also wonderful to sink happy and contented into the sheets, and to be grateful for the next day.

Cornelia Bertram

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