Everyone's Favorite Self-Rolling Yoga Mat Is 22% Off for Prime Day, Guys

Get your credit cards ready: Amazon’s Prime Day extravaganza is officially here. For the next two days, you can score amazing deals on virtually anything your heart (and wallet) could desire.

While Prime Day is notorious for offering steep discounts on television sets, smart home appliances, and cutting-edge cookware, it’s also a great opportunity to treat yourself and this year we’re eyeing Backslash’s super popular self-rolling yoga mat.

We’ve talked about this innovative mat before, but now’s the time to buy. Normally, Backslash’s yoga mat costs $89.95, but through the end of Prime Day, you can take 22% off your purchase and snag a mat for as low as $70.

What’s so great about this yoga mat? So glad you asked. Made with a five-inch thick foam—complete with a gripped bottom—this option will feel comfortable underneath your feet without sliding across the floor mid-vinyasa. Anyone whose had one hand awkwardly on the floor during downward dog will appreciate this mat’s extra long design. Plus, you’ll receive plenty of compliments on its pretty peach hue after class.

But its self-rolling capabilities is hands-down the best feature. Yup, that’s right. It literally ROLLS ITSELF UP. Behold:

Carrying a yoga mat to and from your favorite studio is by no means easy. At some point, your mat unravels, leaving you scrambling to re-roll your mat. Um, no thank you. Not only is this mat designed to roll itself, but it promises to stay in a tight coil until your next class. And to that, we say: Namaste.

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