An expert explains how you with intermittent fasting the hassle of a belly getting rid of fat

Short-term fasting of the currently hottest diet Trend. And it works: With the 16:8 method, and the other forms of interval fasting, you manage your own wellbeing to achieve weight without Starving.

Even well-known experts recommend this type of weight control, because it also strengthens the immune system and keeps you fit the cells.

Also FIT FOR FUN – expert Dr. Dr. Michael Despeghel is sure that inter-mitter in the end, fasting is a good way to lose weight without starvation or yo-yo effect.

You have experience with fasting?

Dr. Dr. Michael Despeghel: Yeah, I guess fast mainly because of its meditative component, and the head is free to get. Since I am slim, and twelve hours of Sport per week of driving, not regular fasting, for me personally, out of the question.

But for many, it is a really good Option. Because especially the belly stressed Overweight is increasing enormously. In us, 70 percent of men and 60 percent of women are affected.

How helps fast fat just against the stomach?

In the case of too much belly fat silent inflammation does not arise in the body, Insulin acts, Diabetes, and other diseases threaten.

During the fast, Insulin metabolism, comes finally to rest, the long taking a break from eating have anti-inflammatory and the hormone situation is improving.

This works so not a 1000-calorie diet with five meals spread over the day. The evidence although no studies, but I’m watching it again and again to my patients.

What is the shape of the interval fasting is your favorite?

I prefer the 16:8 or 5:2. These models can incorporate the most good in your daily life. 16:8 easy going, and is especially popular with men. 5:2 can be transferred also to the weekend and then plan.

What is the advantage of fasting is the Interval?

It is flexible, has no rigid specifications and is used for all simple to implement. A huge advantage is that there is no yo-yo effect as in the case of conventional diets.

The fast phases are always so short that the body can not adjust to the hunger mode, and the energy demand down-regulates.

Recently, the German cancer research center reported, interval fasting acting better than other diets. What do you say?

I think the best diet is always the best hold. And since the interval has fast clear benefits. It is not only easier to than complicated diets, it’s time to creates also space for more movement.

What would you recommend to almost beginners to get started?

Those who can’t make it right dare to fast, the can in the first Step, long breaks between meals.

Means: three solid meals per day with four hours break in between. If this works well, can you try it with 16:8.

Our Expert: Dr. Dr. Michael Despeghel

The sports scientist and Coach, has just published his latest book: The interval diet (with Doris Muliar), Riva, 19.99 Euro (display).

Debbie Wilke

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