A Dinner for the winner: potato Burger Big Mäx feat. Jackfruit

My ausgeschlafener friend Hutzi recently asked the community of Facebook Hausen: Is a double cheese Burger with fries and Western sauce at three in the morning a Late Power Snack or an Early Breakfast of Champions? My question: Is the at this time not completely sausage? Clearly, an Apple might have passed also, as another commented. But sometimes you should let the food the Church in the village and uninhibited enjoy. In the morning, three in Germany, one may say: Treat yourself! (Read also: how to Breakfast like a Champion)

Better food also means better sleep

I used to be a die-hard Fastfoodie, which earned me the nickname MaxDonald’s. Since my nutritionist does not mean, however, Dr. Oetker, but now Dr. Ayurveda, I indulge myself with a gourmet Orgy in Burger Paradise only in rare cases. Among other things, because there is a direct correlation between night-time respectively night-time eating behavior and sleep quality. Sleep better by eating better is my Motto for a Long time.

In this country, is in the evening, happy to be eaten cold – the classic Snack, usually directly from the refrigerator served. This is a lot of hard work for our gastrointestinal tract, and must toil until late in the night, to digest meats and cheeses or smoked fish. Also cold salads, especially green salads, and raw vegetables to keep the stomach going.

The can Rob one of sleep. Especially if you go right after dinner to bed. Who wants to sleep well, eat the best a bit Warm and energy rich, but that is not too powerful. I recommend about a pureed cream of spinach soup with chopped almonds or carrots-tomatoes-soup with coconut milk. Also super: potatoes. They are rich in carbohydrates, but still digestible, and give us Power until the Morning. The body can safely switch to the Spa mode.

Dinner for the winners – you should eat dinner

A warm dinner for me is just important if I based once again project all day in conference rooms with towers of butter pretzels and pastries, in addition to the obligatory phone spider, at least physically, was present. Culinary top performances I can’t go on after that, especially on my antiquated electric stove the brand Amica, I have inherited from my Russian woman before.

In such situations, I resort to my emergency plan. I try to cook a semolina porridge made of spelt, so my mother used to often for my sister and me conjured up, before they brought us to bed. However, not with milk but with water. I mix a sliced Apple, sesame seeds and chopped hazelnuts underneath, and at the end I add a Flake of Butter or Ghee (the Ayurvedic version of Butter), salts, porridge and fortune cookies with surprising rewards him with Oriental spices such as turmeric.

When should you eat in the evening?

I’ll take a cinnamon-like, although the stimulating effect, which in the evening is rather counterproductive. But at the end of the day is(s)t each of us differently. There is nothing wrong in the Right while you cook. What matters is what our gut says, because of the is usually right. (In search of Restaurant tips? These are the best Restaurants in Frankfurt am Main)

In General, it is recommended that the last supper two to three hours before bedtime taking. But if you are like my friend Hutzi time at three in the morning craving a double cheese Burger to beat them quiet. To hold between the teeth a small herd of Cattle in the night for more sex appeal-life than semolina. You could try it but from time to time with a Burger made from Jackfruit and potatoes.

Jackfruit: All information on tropical fruit

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that looks like in a semi-Mature state, such as meat and similar tastes. Recently, I bought for the first Time a couple of cans of this wonderful fruit, and now it met me in a dream. If I want to really sleep deep, I need to open just one tin of. It’s not to waiver, but, rather, to a maximum of Gönnung.

Externally, the Jackfruit looks a bit like the egg-shaped result of a passionate night of a hedgehog with a crocodile. It grows directly on the trunk of the Jack fruit tree, around cultivated around the globe in many tropical climes as a Crop, and is not to be confused with the Durian stinky fruit, which has a similar appearance.

Fruit as a meat substitute?

Especially popular are the Jack fruit is in the kitchens of the subindischen continent to Australia. Similar to the Mango, you will not be estimated only in ripe fruit, the will described the taste as a blend of banana, Papaya and pineapple. Also in semi-Mature state, the South(East)Asian super fruit that can weigh, according to a free Online encyclopedia up to 50 kilograms and more, a large fan base, and in savory dishes as a vegetable, is used.

Because the pulp of the unripe Jackfruit is reminiscent of the Texture of poultry, it is currently being traded in Europe as a great Alternative to animal meat. Sounds exciting and so I went with it out of pure curiosity, as I discovered the box with the “jackfruit in brine” in the organic market.

The perfect Good-Night-Burger

In the inserted state of tastes the beat-sliced, kitchen-ready Jack fruit is removed after the artichoke, not bad at all. But I want you to process Yes hot as a Burger more. Many use the coarse fibrous structure of the fruit, to make it a Burger à la “pulled Jackfruit” – marinated in plenty of BBQ Sauce, because the flesh is rather tasteless.

I’m an Ayurvedic Good-Night-Burger with crispy patties made of potatoes and other vegetables of the season, as well as Mediterranean spices. A real soft Burger, reminiscent of the consistency of a fish cake than a Burger from minced Beef. (Also interesting: Power for muscles and the immune system: So you can eat with protein fit and healthy)

Recipe of potato Burger “Big Mäx” feat. Jackfruit Max funny man

Quantity: approximately 12 patties. Preparation Time: 25 Minutes.

Ingredients for the patties:

350 to 400 g boiled, peeled potatoes (3 – 4 pieces); the best floury

225 g drained organic Jackfruit in brine (1 tin)

1 small, diced carrot

1 small, diced parsley root or Parsnip

1 small, diced celery

1 medium, diced onion

1 crushed clove of garlic

1 good pinch of spice mix; around the Mediterranean with Oregano, Basil, thyme

Brat-olive oil or other neutral vegetable oil

2 – 3 TBSP spelt flour or gluten-free rice flour

Breadcrumbs made from Corn (gluten-free)

Salt, Pepper

1 hot Pepper (optional)

Vegetable broth (optional)

Ingredients for Serving:

1 – 2 medium boiled and sliced Beetroot

Cut Buns of your choice; about the book only cakes made with spelt flour wheat dough, or simply

Sauces to your liking; for example, homemade BBQ Sauce or Ketchup (preferably sugar-reduced)

Vegetarian spread (optional); about made from green vegetables such as pureed peas

Needed Kitchen Appliances:

1 large bowl

1 potato ricer or potato masher

1 frying pan with non-stick coating

1 spatula

1 cooking spoon

1 cutting Board

1 kitchen knife

1 deep plates for the breading flour


1. The potatoes through the press into the bowl, press or mash.

2. The onions in the pan with a little Oil over medium heat until they are translucent. After that, the other vegetables – up to the Jackfruit – two to three minutes until translucent. Possibly with a little bit of water or vegetable stock.

3. The drained Jackfruit pull apart, into the pan and add the vegetables and toss briefly.

4. The pan of vegetables to the squeezed potatoes in the bowl. Everything together with the flour and the spices and mix well. Tip: if the mass is too soft, be careful a little flour to give in. An Alternative to binding can also be starch from arrow root, or Guar gum.

5. From the potato mass with moistened hands, not too thick, palm-sized patties and place in breadcrumbs made from Corn roll. Tip: The Bread can flakes even flakes of coconut, or classic to use breadcrumbs.

6. The patties fry in pan with a little Oil on both sides until Golden yellow. Tip: It’s better with less heat, as the corn crumbs can otherwise burn quickly.

7. One half of the sliced Buns with the vegetarian spread plating, a slice of Beetroot into it and on top: a fried Patty.

8. Season to taste with sauces Refine.

More Max-Funny Man-Tips:

The patties taste even without the Buns, with a mild turned-salad of diced Beetroot and a few florets of cooked Romanesco.

Of course, this potato Burger also tastes during the day. Then you can scroll it with crisp lettuce, plants, sprouts, and finely chopped herbs “upload”. In the evening, however, you should avoid the stomach, for the sake of leaf salads and raw vegetables.

Since the Jackfruit with less than 2 grams per 100 grams contains almost as much or little protein (Protein) a potato for comparison: broccoli contains 3 grams per 100 grams and in the case of the minerals and vitamins is usually below the values of the potato, to the proportion of fat, but also, unfortunately, taste poor Jackfruit in this recipe, also by other vegetables to replace or cultivated mushrooms such as oyster mushroom or oyster mushroom, which have a similar Texture as meat. In addition, behind the transportation of this exotic food from Asia a annual CO2 footprint on the doormat of our earth, until it ends up with us in the trade. Greta is not amused would be.

Who wants to eat as low fat, can be peeled from the raw potatoes and diced cook together with other vegetables just in a little water, strain it, and then press through a ricer. The patties on a lined with parchment paper sheet and bake in a preheated oven at 180° for about ten minutes on convection bake, and possibly even contact.

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