This is what happens when You don’t drink alcohol – after the 1, 7, 30 or 365 days

Drink less alcohol: many people take if you think you have overdone it. You decide to at least take a break from alcohol, so the body and especially the liver can recover. The succeed is actually amazingly fast – and not just for lent.

  • Experts are saying: "Who can forgo per week of alcohol, is not abhängig"
  • Better sleep, more energy, what a prolonged period of time causes the alcohol to the body?
  • Abstinence can have visible consequences

Christmas and new year’s eve, carnival, summer wine festivals or the Oktoberfest – it is in the course of the year, plenty of occasions when many people drink more alcohol than is good for them. And because most of you know this, do you renounce all alcoholic beverages, at least for a while. In the UK, starting even twice a year, major campaigns for the alcohol waiver. In the “Dry January” and “Sober in October” will be called on the citizens to remain on a month-long “dry” or “sober”..

Whether an individual intent or health campaign – many of which occur on the alcohol, brake, want to give your liver some relief Detox weeks. Or do you want to check how hard you of the waiver of the beer, the glass of wine for dinner or a Drink in the Bar.

But what is the alcohol waiver for the organism, the metabolism, the well-being of causes? And how long is the abstinence should continue until a noticeable change occurs?

The a day without alcohol brings

Who does not start with an ordinary Hangover from the night before in an alcohol-free day, will not notice any physical change through the Mini-abstinence. At most, the beer or the glass of wine went missing in the evening and in the mineral water as the taste is little more satisfying replacement felt. This is not a sign of a starting addiction, but simply the break with a daily pleasant habit.

Jarmila Mahlmeister, chief physician at the Betty-Ford-Klinik in Bad Brückenau says: “For people with normal consumption of alcohol is: Who can waive two days per week easy on the alcohol, not dependent.” Experts advise anyway to these regular short abstinence, especially for a more conscious dealing with the potential addiction. Not to get anyone who thinks the alcohol – free day however, always remember to drink anything or very with have to fight, in the evening, but at the next gas station an alcoholic drink should reconsider his consumption seriously. Because of the alcohol already plays a dominant role in everyday life and the boundary the dependence is close.