The 8 Best TikTok Food Accounts To Follow For The Most Delicious Recipes

TikTok is changing the cooking game for people everywhere. These one-minute, easy-to-follow videos are inspiring people of all ages to try different recipes, experiment with new flavors, and sometimes, just *attempt* cooking, even if they’re afraid of it. While the popularity of ~food TikTok~ definitely skyrocketed during quarantine, it’s also a fandom that’s here to stay.

From Dalgona whipped coffee to the foldable sandwich to the famous one-pan feta pasta, there are always viral recipes popping up on TikTok thanks to its plethora of talented food creators. (Plus all the people who share their re-creations with their own followers.) And if you’ve been wanting to add some of these super-smart pro chefs and at-home cooks that create delicious-looking meals to your feed, look no further.

The social media-savvy (and recipe-loving) editors at Women’s Health have curated this list of all the best TikTok food accounts that have made their way onto our “for you” pages. Whether you’re looking for healthy recipe inspo, just-plain-good eats, or easy-to-make meals, this list will have a food creator that’s right for you. Keep reading for the 8 best TikTok food accounts out there right now. Just don’t watch their vids on an empty stomach.

1. @menwiththepot

Another Chicken Video🔥 no touching this time😎 @jeanpatriquecookware @luckysaintbeer #whateverpan #menwiththepot #cooking #fyp #foryou #ad #fire

If you love aesthetically pleasing videos and unique kitchen tools, you’re gonna want to check out @menwiththepot. Basically, this guy uses massive knives to cut up all kinds of fresh ingredients, and then, yep, you guessed it, he cooks them in a massive pot. His videos are super fun to watch because he cooks everything outside amongst a serene AF wilderness backdrop. One of his more popular videos is this chicken and veggies sitch, but honestly, it’s unlikely that any of his recipes will steer you wrong.

2. @sulheejessica

⛄️ Some people are worth melting for ❄️ #happyholidays #letsmakesomelunchformykids #letsmakelunchformykids #holidayrecipe

3. @_christianpaul

Strawberry S’mores Prototype 😳

PSA: The TikTok food account@_christianpaul is going to activate your sweet tooth. Created by baker Christian Paul, on here you’ll find literally every cake, cookie, chocolate, or decorated sugary treat you can imagine. Watching Christian work is mesmerizing and, most importantly, his desserts look sooo delicious. One of his popular videos as of late was this strawberry chocolate s’mores creation, *chef’s kiss* and if you want to taste them yourself you can shop his site.

4. @thepastaqueen

Gigi Hadid’s Spicy Vodka Pasta, Do you like it? #spicy #vodka #pasta

If you haven’t made a recipe by @thepastaqueen yet, what are you waiting for? Her Italian-inspired recipe videos look so freakin’ scrumptious, so it’s no surprise that her account was a quarantine staple for people everywhere. One of her more popular dishes is this peas and onions pasta sauce recipe, which garnered over 6.5 million views.

5. @iamtabithabrown

Chickpea scramble for the win! 🙌🏿 #vegan #foodie #tabithabrown

Attention vegans! (Or anyone trying to get in more plant-based meals). You should know that @iamtabithabrown is an account you need to follow ASAP. Not only does Tabitha share some seriously delicious-looking, vegan-friendly eats, but she’s also got the best personality. In short, you’ll find yourself both smiling at your screen from all her good energy and salivating over recipes like her chickpea veggie scramble.

6. @cookingwithshereen

Iced Lemon Pound Cake #homecafe #hellospring #sugarcrush #easter #dinnerparty #learnontiktok #cookingwithshereen #lemonloaf#foodontiktok

You’re going to love @cookingwithshereen. Her videos feel like you’re hanging with ~the cool girl~ who is legitimately good at cooking everything under the sun. From juicy chicken to homemade bread, Shereen knows how to make you feel excited about cooking—and she may even give you the confidence to try something you haven’t before. (Just check out this sweet Starbucks lemon loaf dupe).

7. @jennymartinezz

Mexican Chocolate Bombs! #chocolateabuelita #hotcoco #fyp #fy #mexico #latina #parati #chocolatebombs #foryou #foryoupage

The account @jennymartinezzz is known for cooking mouthwatering eats and Mexican-inspired recipes that look so. darn. good. You’ll learn exactly how to make the most flavorful sauces and meats, and even how to craft the perfect homemade tortillas. One of Jenny’s most popular recipes as of late? These delicious Mexican chocolate bombs. Yum.

8. @thehungerdiaries

#Tomato #butter #grilledcheese w/ #roastedgarlic + #gruyere 🤌🏻 Full recipe + mukbang on my YT! #cheese #sandwich#foryou #foodtiktok #fyp

For anyone that’s into cooking videos with an aesthetically pleasing feel, you’ll definitely like watching what’s being served up at @thehungerdiaries. From baked macaroni and cheese to cheesecake pasta (an amazing dessert riff on the viral feta pasta) to tomato butter grilled cheese, this account will have you running to the grocery store for ingredients ASAP.

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