Meghan Markle Apparently Can't Eat This Food Because The Queen Hates It

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Fact: When your grandmother-in-law is also the queen and she doesn’t like garlic breath, you stop eating garlic.

Apparently, the allium is so offensive to Queen Elizabeth that members of the royal family—now including foodie Meghan Markle—are not allowed to eat it while abroad for state functions, according to the Express.

“We can never serve anything with garlic or too much onions. The Queen would never have garlic on the menu,” said royal chef Darren McGrady.

Apparently, the reasoning is that having garlic breath would make any official meeting with diplomats and foreign dignitaries awkward (which, okay, that’s understandable).

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This was probs a rude awakening for Meghan, who once told Today that she likes making Filipino-style chicken adobo for Sunday dinner. The dish prominently features—you guessed it—garlic. In fact, most of her favorite dishes she shared with Today, like the seafood stew cioppino and turkey meatballs, contain the pungent ingredient.

But, um, given that garlic is seriously used in everything, it’s probably hard to avoid it—unless, of course, you have a royal chef cooking for you. My guess is that pasta night isn’t a thing at Buckingham Palace.

Too bad, too, because garlic is hella healthy. It’s been used as a health remedy for centuries and, as an immune booster, may even decrease risk of certain cancers, according to the National Institute of Health. But as NIH points out, garlic breath isn’t the only side effect. It can give you body odor and potentially cause heartburn or other gastrointestinal distress.

Saying goodbye to garlic bread forever? IDK, maybe being a princess isn’t all that it’s chalked up to be.

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