Froot Loops Is Introducing a Birthday Cake Flavor to Turn Breakfast Into a Party

Happy birthday…to you! Or should I say, all of us. Kellogg’s is reportedly releasing a limited-edition Froot Loops Birthday Cake flavor. So yes, you can eat cake for breakfast.

Instagram account @candyhunting revealed a photo of the upcoming cereal on April 20. The packaging shows pink, purple, and yellow cereal rings. We can make out the blurry picture to say that there is a strawberry birthday cake flavor.

Canada debuted its own Froot Loops Birthday Cake flavor in 2017 to celebrate the cereal’s 150th birthday. Unlike the United States version, the cereal was all one color, a pinkish reddish. The box featured what appeared to be a strawberry and vanilla cake.

If you’re like me, you get excited for birthday cake-flavored anything, so we’ll all be trying these once they hit shelves.

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