Blogger sheds 8st in 18 months by changing her diet

For years, Heather Walker, 33, suffered from depression and would binge-eat to make herself feel better.

Frustrated by her increasing appetite and continued anxiety, which she put down to her anti-depressants, the blogger visited her GP.

But her doctor told her she could either be “fat and happy” or “skinny and miserable” and recommended Heather stay on them.

However, despite being advised against it, she made the decision to come off her medication and began her weight loss journey, where she dropped 8st in 18 months.

“I don’t do any diets apart from healthy eating and counting my calories”

Heather Walker

She told FEMAIL: “I felt as though I was free-falling through life. I was either eating too much or too little and all the wrong foods.

“I didn’t really care what I put into my body and my eating was all over the place.

“I don’t do any diets apart from healthy eating and counting my calories. I have a varied diet of high protein, fruit and veg.”

Following the wake-up call in 2017, Heather then made the decision to forgo her medication, which is not recommended and could lead to serious health implications.

Heather admitted she had plenty of side effects, including feeling emotional and sick, but she has kept some tablets as a safety net.

It’s important to note, the NHS recommends speaking to your GP, prescriber or pharmacist if you are thinking of stopping your anti-depressants.


Three healthy meals, but also several takeaways a week.

Chocolate, crisps, cake, pastries and sweets.

Wedges of cheese and tubes of Pringles.


BREAKFAST: Porridge with chocolate protein bar

LUNCH: Salmon with new potatoes and stemmed vegetables

DINNER: Omelette with peppers and lots of salad

DRINK: Water

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