By the case of excitation in every second chicken: How to protect yourself from bacteria

In every other chicken pathogens, which can lead to diarrhea stuck. This is the result of an official control of fresh chicken meat in the retail trade. FOCUS Online explains how to protect yourself from the bacteria.

In 211 of 407 examined chicken samples, testers have found the pathogen Campylobacter. This corresponds to 52 per cent. Campylobacter can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever – in rare cases, a severe nervous disease, or inflammation of the joints.

The Federal office for consumer protection and food safety had carried out the Test. It had also examined broilers directly in the slaughterhouses and the pathogen even in the case of the 78.8 per cent of the animals found.

To avoid infection, you should observe in the preparation of chicken meat the following tips by the Federal Institute for risk assessment:

1. Fork or use tongs

Who is touched poultry with the hands can transmit the germs to other foods or kitchen utensils. Pick it up with a fork or tongs from the packaging. When grilling it is best to use two different Tongs for raw and cooked meat.

When you Rinse meat can spread germs by splashing Water in the kitchen. Enter it directly in the pan, the cooking pot or the oven.

2. Sufficient heat

Campylobacter can be due to Heat killing, such as when cooking or Frying. In the freezer not die Campylobacter completely. To ensure that all bacteria are killed, should reach the meat in the core for at least two minutes at a temperature of 70 degrees. Poultry should be cooked until it has a whitish color. The leaking of meat juice should be clear.

3. Note the order

To first prepare foods that are not heated or low-germ risk., such as salad or vegetables Only then meat. To prevent germs from surfaces on work, hands or knife from the meat to other foodstuffs.

4. Regularly hands and utensils to wash

You will have to wash when cooking on a regular basis with warm water and soap hands to remove germs. Surfaces and equipment should be cleaned with warm to hot water and detergent and dry thoroughly if you have come in contact with poultry.

Green party parliamentary leader Anton Hofreiter had made a written request to the quality of the chicken meat in the German trade. The “Rheinische Post” reported. The Federal government had subsequently submitted to the Test of the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety, which had already been in the year 2017.

Appropriate Tests had been in the past. In 2011, 32 percent of the tested products were contaminated by Campylobacter, and in 2014 54 percent. In 2017, it was 52 percent.