5 Easy Ways To Get Your Daily Servings Of Fruit And Veg

Vegetables are a little like Vegemite, you either love them or hate them. Fruit isn’t as tricky to adore, but for some just the thought of surrendering to munching some daily food from the ground is a positive habit they dodge with passion.

Now I’m not just talking fussy kids here, I personally know many adults who try their very best to avoid eating the natural rainbow. As a professional nutritionist it is my job to design and teach interesting ways to nourish yourself that you have strong chances of complying with. So here are my five recommendations for getting your five a day.

1. Pizza

Surprised?! Well, you shouldn’t be. Cuisine loved by many is a great place to start easily increasing the nutrition profile of a meal that is pretty hard to resist. So whether you dice a rainbow of vegetables into the tomato, craft a clown face with a kale afro or create a simple sneaky pumpkin base – pizza is a great way to go! 

Happy first day of summer! We are celebrating with pesto pizza ? I was thinking about when I was younger and had a love-hate relationship with summer. Summer always meant small bikinis, Abercrombie short shorts and tight tank tops. All the things I never felt comfortable in. – I was always so painfully embarrassed of the birthmark on my leg. I never wanted my friends, let alone boys, to see it. I wanted to wear one pieces but felt so uncool doing it I put on bikinis around my friends only to keep feeling fat and terrible. I wish I could go back and tell my 13 year old self not to care so much and it’s gonna be okay. The only reason things like my birthmark were such a big deal was because I made it a big deal. Now I forget it’s even there and most people don’t notice it either. My point in telling you this is the things that bother us, that we think other people see or care about usually don’t matter. Have fun, life your life. Live for yourself and not for others. DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY AND NOT WHAT YOU THINK YOU SHOULD BE DOING. This was a long caption but I know have some younger girls following me and these are the things I wish I was reading when I was younger. Not magazine articles with 10 meals under 300 calories to help you get your summer bod! Sending you all lots of love ? #plantifullybased#whatveganseat#vegansofinstagram#veganfood#veganfoodporn#veganfoodie#veganeats#eatplants#eatyourveggies#healthyvegan#eattherainbow#eatyourcolors#herbivore#plantbased#veganlove#vegancommunity#veganrecipes#plantpower#eatyourgreens#cleaneatingideas#traderjoes#letscookvegan#pesto#teamvegan#govegan#feedfeedvegan#veganpizza#foodphotography#flatlay

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2. Omelette

Who doesn’t love an easy and nutritious omelette for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One of the most versatile of meals that lets you experiment with your ingredients, from diced capsicum to sliced wild mushrooms. Partner and jazz it up with a side salad scattered in contrasting sweet fruit like blueberries, strawberries, figs, pear or apple.

3. Spiralising

If you like to stay on top of nutrition trends you will probably of come across the genius concept of ‘vegetti’, ‘voodles’ or ‘zoodles’, whatever you call it, its simply creating a long spiralling strand of pure goodness for you to use as an alternative to noodles, pasta or salad bases – it works an absolute treat. But it doesn’t stop at just using the popular zucchini, you can try spiralising carrot, parsnip, beetroot, cucumber, apple and pear.

4. Chips

A comfort food adored my many, but often abstained due to being a ‘junk food’. Not anymore, time to grab your mandolin and start thinly slicing your way to better health. Some great vegetables to bake are sweet potato, beetroot, parsnip and carrot. You can enjoy on their own with a little olive oil and sea salt or experiment with seasoning like paprika and turmeric powder. But, it doesn’t stop with just vegetables, if you can get your hands on a food dehydrator you can try making apple, pear, pineapple or even peach crisps.

5. Juice

The juicing craze is certainly not over and I’m not sure it ever will be due to the pure convenience of getting a large dose of nutrition in such an easy way. So many fruits and vegetables are perfect for juicing, but whether it will be a tasty combination comes down to pure experimentation. But if you are not the owner of flashy shiny juicer, you don’t have to be constrained to your local posh café to get your nutrient fix – try the delicious combination of fruits and vegetables juices by Fruits & Roots.

Rosie Mansfield is the author of Food Hacker which goes on sale in Australia on July 2nd, 2018.

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