Rihanna Teased a New Fenty Beauty Product and Fans Are Losing It

If you ever need someone to keep a secret, try to whisper it in Rihanna’s ear. The singer, actor, and Fenty Beauty makeup mogul has definitely proven that she knows how to keep something underwraps — even when she’s wearing it in plain sight. It turns out that when Rihanna attended the Crop Over festival in Barbados last August, a month before Fenty Beauty even launched, she was wearing a product that still hasn’t been released.

In a photo posted to the Fenty Beauty Instagram page on Thursday, Rihanna is seen getting ready for the festival over a year ago, securing a turquoise wig with her matching fingertips. If you can stop starting at the gorgeousness of her radiant skin canadianpharmtabs.com, bedazzled bra, and neon feathered headpiece long enough, you might notice the caption: “Do you see what we see? ? Coming soon…” It’s only logical to infer that means that a new Fenty Beauty product is launching soon — and she was already wearing it in August 2017.

Comments on the photo are, of course, full of guesses about what the new product could be. “Nail polishhhhhhhh,” writes one fan. Another elatedly guesses, “Issa wig! Edges bout to be either snatched or on fleek, either way I’M READY!!!!” Others think the shimmer on her arms and chest mean Body Lava is coming back, while some fans just want new music. (New makeup and new music would be nice, Riri — just sayin’.)

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If you ask me, the “Do you see what we see?” and eyes emoji mean a new eye product is coming — perhaps a mascara or false lashes, since the brand has yet to launch either in its first year. One discerning commenter is convinced it’s another new eye shadow palette, however, because she’s quite sure the color Rihanna’s wearing in the photo isn’t in either the Morrocan Spice or Galaxy palettes.

Regardless of what the new product is, this isn’t the first time that Rihanna has secretly worn a Fenty Beauty product that was more than a year away from being released. A few months ago, it was revealed that she wore Killawatt Foil highlighter to the 2017 Met Gala, which was four months before the brand made any products available. And when we find out exactly what it is Rihanna was wearing in that year-old photo, we’ll let you know.

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