Ökotest checks children’s sun creams two products are very good

Even if the summer vacation is likely to be many families this year as originally planned, remains protection against the harmful UV rays is a Must. Also in these latitudes, the intensity of the sun enough to damage the skin and cause a sunburn. For the particularly sensitive children’s skin experts recommend a sun protection factor of at least SPF 30.

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But what sun cream protects skin of children particularly well without the use of critical ingredients? “Ökotest” has taken 21 products, including certified natural cosmetics. The result is surprising: There are two conventional creams, the cut with the test result “very good”.

Children’s sun creams in the Check – the test winner

Test winner of the “Ladival children’s sun protection milk 50” (price per 200 ml: 21,45 Euro) and the “Sun Dance Kids sun milk 50” (price per 200 ml: 7,27 Euro). Both products contain no perfume or fragrances. Particularly commendable is, according to the “Ökotest” that the sun do creams without liquid plastic in the environment is difficult to degrade. Supposedly agent such as silicone or Acrylate are needed to make the creams water-resistant. That there is another way, would show the two test winner, as “Ökotest”. Both funds are advertised as “water resistant”.

Also most of the other creams can convince More than half of the creams are at least “good”. By the Bank, all natural cosmetics, including products from the home “Lavera and Weleda are recommended”. You put in – unlike the majority of conventional products on mineral UV-filters such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Form errors, such as defects in the Declaration, to ensure that none of the funds “very good” rating and, thus, stresses the “Ökotest”, “although we are with the content of the products, materials, flatly satisfied.”

Not, the auditors were able to convince two conventional creams. The conclusion of the lights in the Test are the “La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dermo-Pediatrics 50 Lotion” (price per 200 ml: 16,72 Euro) and the “Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Sensitive Expert LSF 50” (price per 200 ml: 9,45 Euro). They were, according to the “Ökotest” with controversial ingredients such as PEG/PEG derivatives and silicones. The test results are, therefore, “deficient” and “unsatisfactory”.

The full Test, there is a fee here for future Reference.

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