Kith and Malin + Goetz Launch Unisex Skin-care Range

Kith is continuing its skin-care push with a new collaboration with Malin + Goetz.
The two New York City-based companies are partnering to launch an edit of unisex skin-care products, including a hand and body wash, body lotion, and shampoo and conditioner, as well as a candle and eau de parfum, all ranging in price from $24 to $95. The line launches on Sept. 26 exclusively at Kith stores.
Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz refer to this collaboration as “Ronnie’s edit,” since these are products that have existed in the Malin + Goetz range for as long as 15 years retold from a Kith perspective. Kith founder Ronnie Fieg also uses these products every day. The products all share a scent, which proved to be difficult for the trio to produce. “It sounds easier than it actually is,” said Goetz.
“We've been working on this for almost an entire year now,” said Fieg. “It's important we didn't rush and we were able to test the product in our daily lives. It also was very difficult to make sure that the scent remained consistent across all the different products. Perfecting that took time, but Malin + Goetz accomplished this better than I could've imagined. These products also bridge the gap between our brand and our customers' daily lifestyle. It helps them interact with our brand in a different way than apparel or footwear, which I feel is very important.”
The skin-care brand has been carried at Kith for years and the duo approached Fieg about collaborating. “It wasn’t preconceived. We just have a lot of synergy between both brands,” said the duo. “We’re really a unisex brand. We’ve worked hard to market to women, and men have just come along. They love our design, our smells — all of it is very easy for men. I think we simplify skin care and Ronnie has a simple view as well.”
Kith in March launched a skin-care collaboration with Estée Lauder, but this new one with Malin + Goetz marks its “first skin-care collaboration for both men and women,” said Fieg.
He added, “Dimensionalizing the brand into other parts of our consumers' lifestyle has always been part of the plan. I believe it's taken us until now for us to feel ready to enter into this lane and do it with the perfect partner.”
The New York City-based retailer launches collaborations frequently and this month debuted at its Kith Air show during New York Fashion Week collaborations with Rhude, Ksubi, Disney and Vogue, among others. Malin + Goetz, on the other hand, has collaborated with 10 Can Rum and recently with Le Meridien on a candle and hotel lobby scent.
As for future Kith and Malin + Goetz collaborations, the duo said, “Since it’s gone so well and we’ve enjoyed the collaboration so much, we’d only hope there’s more runway in front of us.”
Fieg added, “We worked very hard to perfect these six items, so we're focused on building equity in this range for now. As for the future, you'll have to wait and see.”
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