Kao Announces First Products to Employ Its Fine Fiber Technology

TOKYO — Kao Corp. said it will be launching the first products utilizing its “fine fiber” technology, starting from Dec. 4 in Japan. The technology creates a thin, invisible layer on top of the skin that acts as a moisture barrier to keep skin hydrated even over several hours.

The products will be released under two different brands: Est in Asia and Sensai in Europe. The Japanese market will get both series of products, which include a liquid essence, a high-performance diffuser, and a liquid that is sprayed by the diffuser onto the skin. The three products are recommended by the company as the last step in a nighttime skin-care routine, and act to seal in the moisture from lotions and creams, increasing their efficacy. By creating a lightweight barrier on the surface of the skin, the product prevents moisturizers from evaporating or transferring onto bedding.

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