Depilatory cream is a useful Alternative to the razor or is a waste of money?

In contrast to the ordinary wet shave, depilatory creams are a chemical base underlying, and thus promise a gentle removal of unwanted hair. The active ingredients contained therein to react with the skin, the following processes take place: First, the natural protective acid mantle is broken, to open the pores. Then, the depilatory cream is included with sodium hydroxide solution (thioglycolic acid) which attack the protein structure, in short, called Keratin, the hair. Translated this means: The hairs dissolve and remain as a gel-like mass on the skin. And this is exactly what you wipe it with a spatula easily. At least in theory.

The advantages and disadvantages of depilatory creams


Many manufacturers such as the brand Veet offer depilatory creams for every skin type to: Whether normal, sensitive or dry – you can choose between different products and choose the one that you and your personal sensibilities fit.


Not every hair removal cream is suitable for the intimate area or your face. In any event, prior to the application of what the packaging guide and protect you always your mucous membranes from direct contact.

The chemical a miracle cure and should only on healthy skin, can be used. This irritated or injured, it is strongly recommended that the use of their legs or armpits with a depilatory cream (from any manufacturer) to grease, and to treat.

So you apply the depilatory cream correctly

Shaving is not rocket science nevertheless, you should note in the application of depilatory creams are a few important points: apply the cream only on the part of the body you want to depilate, in the Moment – avoid a large-scale distribution. Let the ingredients only so long to act, as it says in the leaflet. Otherwise, can respond to your skin is irritated. Then remove the dissolved hair with the enclosed spatula and rinse your skin with warm water, so that no cream residue it left behind. The acid mantle of your skin after shaving to enable, you should see the shaved parts of the body with a moisturizing Lotion lotion. You use a product, the substances free from fragrance and alcohol.

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