Watch These Bodybuilders Get Wrecked by an Australian Police Officer Physical Fitness Test

In their latest video, swole brothers Brandon and Hudson White, better known as YouTube’s Buff Dudes, take on a physical fitness test with a difference. Bored of the pushups and crunches required in most of these challenges, this time around they opt for the physical capacity testing metrics used by the police force in New South Wales, Australia, as it includes a more challenging mix of exercises.

The first test is for hand grip strength; there is a minimum grip strength requirement for anyone taking officer survival and firearms training in NSW. Hudson goes first, and lasts 2 minutes holding a pair of 66-pound dumbbells, while Brandon wins with 2 minutes 37 seconds.

The second test is a 90-second plank. “The great thing with every single one of these tests is they serve a purpose,” says Hudson. “With this one, it’s really going to help strengthen your core. As a police officer, you have a lot of equipment around your belt, and this helps prevent lower back pain.”

Brandon is able to hold his plank for 3 minutes, but this time Hudson narrowly beats him with 3 minutes 4 seconds. “That was harder than watching Lethal Weapon 4,” he says.

Test #3 is a vertical jump, in which individuals must clear 12 inches off the ground. Hudson jumps a total of 16 inches, while Brandon wins again with 24. After that, it’s time for aa more familiar fitness test staple: pushups. A minimum rep count of 25 is needed in order to qualify: Brandon maxes out at 40, while Hudson gets 42.

The penultimate event is the Illinois agility test, a footwork drill which must be completed in 20 seconds or under. Hudson completes it in 14.14 seconds, while Brandon smashes it in 12.78 seconds. “You beat me on pushups, so I had to beat you on this one,” he says.

The final round is the multi-stage fitness test, also known as a shuttle run or beep test, an endurance-focused cardio challenge where participants must run 70 laps, each measuring 20 meters. The time spent completing each lap must not exceed 8.5 seconds. And while they excelled in the strength and mobility tests, Hudson and Brandon both fail this one.

“We weren’t meant to be cops,” says Hudson.

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