Watch Eddie Hall Attempt the World's Heaviest Incline Dumbbell Press

As a former World’s Strongest Man winner, Eddie Hall is constantly pushing himself to new extremes—to the point where he has lost control and pooped mid-press in not one but two of his leg day training videos on YouTube. In his latest post, Hall sets his sights on a new goal: can he manage to break the world record for heaviest incline dumbbell press without soiling himself?

Hall eases himself into things by pressing 50 kilos to start, moving up to 70, then 80, and finally 100. He recalls that the last time he tried lifting the 100 kilo dumbbells, he ended up injuring himself, tearing a pec which led to him taking time off to heal.

The record for heaviest incline dumbbell press is 105 kilos, and is currently held by strongman Larry Wheels. So Hall attempts to set a new record, attaching extra weights onto the 100 kilo dumbbells, bringing them up to 110 kilos, or approximately 242 pounds. (You can buy 110 kilo dumbbells, but they’ll set you back a couple thousand dollars.)

“I don’t know how I’m going to be able to press them,” he says, explaining that the extra weight and unwieldiness gets in the way of his usual form. He has to have his team hand the bells to him once he’s in position on the incline bench.

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Hall manages one full rep, then drops the dumbbells midway through the second, as they’re so damn heavy. “I don’t know how, but I pulled my ****ing hamstring doing that,” he says. He goes on to say that 110 kilos is a personal best, and as far as he’s aware, it’s also a world record. “I’ve done 100 kilos many times before,” he says, but admits that 110 was far more challenging than he expected.

“For a single rep, that took everything I had in the tank. I’m shaking. A lot of adrenaline… but I got it done.”

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