Strongman Eddie Hall Passed Out and Soiled Himself While Leg Pressing 2,200 Pounds

Eddie Hall, winner of the World’s Strongest Man in 2017, is known for pushing himself to the limits. Hall reached a whole new level of tough during a recent gym when he passed out on the leg press machine–and soiled himself.

To start, Hall back squats before making his way over to the leg press machine, which he enjoys because it gets his legs nice and warm. Then, he explains the goal he’s set for himself.

“I’m going to go for 1,000 kilos, which is the heaviest I’ve ever done on this machine,” Hall explains in the video.

That’s more than 2,200 pounds.

Hall starts slowly before tacking on more weight. At one point Hall stops and says, “I soiled meself. You smell it?”

But that doesn’t stop Hall, who continues onto leg press his target weight after taking a quick break to clean up after his accident.

For a moment, Hall is quiet and his head turns to the side. Then, he wakes up and asks, “Did I black out?”

Although this feat is truly bonkers, most people should steer clear of this movement on leg day, warns Eb Samuel, C.S.C.S. and Men’s Health Fitness Director.

For most people just trying to get in shape, there are safer exercises that will help you bulk up.

“The biggest issue with the leg press is that many people, especially as they load up weight, begin to round at the lower back, which opens the door for issues around the lumbosacral joint,” he explains.

The is especially true if you go too heavy, he says.

“If you do leg press, make sure to continue to brace through your core and follow the same rules you would when squatting and deadlifting: Don’t let your back round,” says Samuel.

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