Watch Chet Hanks Prep for ‘White Boy Summer’ with an Outdoor Workout

As adults across the country slowly but surely receive their Covid-19 vaccinations, people are earnestly beginning to prep for an unprecedented summer.

Few have been as vocal about the upcoming season of loosened restrictions and fun as the artist formerly known as Chet Haze—that’s Tom Hanks’ son Chet—who has begun to spread the gospel of “White Boy Summer”, or WBS. Hanks’ dispatches from his Instagram account, which he calls “rules and regs,” include a ban on preppy plaid shirts, boat shoes like Sperry Topsiders, calling women “smokeshows,” and other toxic stereotypes of fraternity life typically applied to young white men. Drunken close-talking is banned, but Dad hats are allowed (so long as the wearer also has a clean fade haircut).

Think of WBS less as a series of rules, and more a life philosophy meant to guide its adherents to a good time worthy of America’s Dad’s patois-spitting son. You can call him appropriative (he is), or reductive, or just ready to cash in (yes, of course there’s WBS merch available)—but at least it’s an ethos.

Today, Hanks posted a new video on Instagram to suggest that there’s at least one more rule of WBS he hasn’t yet blasted out to his followers: Never Skip Leg Day. He shared footage of a round of walking lunges loaded with a barbell. Hanks often shares fitness updates from the legendary Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, and appears to be in the midst of a 60-day workout challenge.

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Hanks’ lunges are a perfect fit for the WBS template. The type of guy his rules and regs are meant to counter would stereotypically only focus on mirror muscles, ditching out on leg day for reps upon reps of bench press and, of course, biceps curls in the squat rack. Think of that type of training split as the Sperry of the weight room.

Hanks isn’t just hitting some half squats and half-heartedly cycling through machines—he’s getting solid work in with these lunges, building strength and athleticism. He’s not quite The Rock with his lunges and chains, but Hanks is on the right track.

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