Wakeboarder Dominik Gührs: diligence is the key to success

The Wakeboard world Cup in 2019 was for professional Dominik Gührs a rollercoaster of emotions: to the last Contest day, he was clearly in the lead. Then a blunder in the last round – in the end it was only enough for the ungrateful fourth place. For the Cable driver but not so bad, after all, the 29-Year-old is already two world titles in the bag and "ans I think Stop still long nicht".

Next professional the &quot is for the Sport;Red Bull All in" In mid-December in Oberstdorf. Since none of the participants is on a Wakeboard, but the body and mind will be challenged by serious obstacles, cold and probably snow extreme. In order to be perfectly prepared, it went to Munich in advance in case of freezing temperatures in the water. How to Interview the enduring and why the Pro-sports so much is spinning around the head and the right attitude, tells Dominik Gührs in the GQ.

GQ: Only a few degrees above Zero, and for you it went in the icy water. How did that work out?

Dominik Gührs: We have first a pair of leg exercises, for example lunges, and us a little warmed up. I’m often in cold water, but always with a wetsuit. The Trick here is in the head. First, we did a breathing exercise, then it’s time to focus and everything is hooking. First of all, I’m still shaking … But I have concentrated on a point, thinking about something else and then it went quite well. It is actually a Mindset. You can trick the body crass.

What do you do as a Wakeboarder in the Winter?

The last ten years, I was in time and always be in Asia for Training – three to four months. Christmas is a must but to spend it with the family. In time I’ll be a lot of snowboarding.

Can you compare snowboarding and Wakeboarding?

There is a certain Similarity , I know the Snowboard is also good, but to me the line course, the in Wakeboarding, and always with something to balance is missing, for example. Snowboarding is completely free and without Stop.

You’ve hurt yourself in your career more …

As a 13-Year-old, I had a fracture of the skull. This was a very stark experience. And I could not be what it once. Another wakeboarders came from behind me over the head. Fortunately, that was my only serious injury. Last year I was 10 weeks on crutches because of my knee problems.

How do you motivate yourself after such experiences, to get back on the Board?

I honestly have to say, as I injured myself last year and three months had to pause – because I was in the mood for Wakeboarding than ever before. The was a pause, a forced, as I knew them. Earlier I had phases, because the joy of Wakeboarding was not so great… But after the injury I really wanted to be back on the Board.

The parents did not say anything, after a fracture of the skull, that it is enough with Wakeboarding now?

But. My parents were not happy. But for me, Wakeboadren is everything. I was again allowed on the water before the Doctors actually. But I am now able to wear always a helmet. And a life vest.

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You’ve got a Work-out that you like to do?

I’m trying to do a full body workout. There is no one Exercise that I swear by. But what I swear is a fascial role. Fascial training in combination with Stretching is, in my opinion, the most important. To me, the body does not hurt, immediately, when I do this. Therefore, I do both every day – even if I’m not a Work-out.

How to get a defined six pack?

The important thing is not the Training but the diet. If I have a long time is bad to eat, then the six pack is gone. I make sure to eat no sweets and very little sugar, the process is relatively fast with the six pack. It takes a lot of vegetables, fish – just balanced. This may also be carbs – I love pasta and eat a Pizza. I’m not as fanatical.

What is Mindfulness for you?

It is super important to be head strong. Faith truly moves mountains. The man looks at the Contests. There are spectacular drivers who do not get it but the Competition simply on the series.

As you strengthen your head before a Competition?

I’m doing my Warm-up Exercises, and then I juggle one round. This gives me a self-consciousness and my brain is awake. And it distracts me.

What is it you want to achieve?

Clearly, it would be cool to be again the champion of the world, but Contest-wise I’ve already achieved a lot. Current video projects make me very much fun when I went this year through the Floating Market in Bangkok.

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Do you have a Fitness tip?

The most important the Mindset is. And diligently to the Training go, this is really so. I’m working hard on my training plan – this is probably the reason why I was so long injury-free. This is the key to success – hard.

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