The 10 Best Running Belts To Hold All Your Crap

One of my favorite parts of running is the fact that I really only need a solid pair of shoes.

But TBH, I also need to carry keys, my phone, a credit card (just in case I need to buy a water mid-run, which I am notorious for doing), a subway card (just in case I need to bail mid-run, which I have also done…more than once), and maybe even fuel (if I’m training for a race and logging more than two hours on my feet).

And yeah, not even leggings with pockets can handle all that. Also: Apparently holding stuff in your hands throws off your body’s natural gait, which can lead to imbalances (gah!).

Enter, running belts. Yes, some of these basically look like fanny packs—but hey, nothing wrong with that. Look for one that has an adjustable strap so it sits perfectly on your waist and is made from breathable material (unless you want more butt sweat).

Get started with these highly-recommended picks.

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