Start fit in the day: The 6 healthiest Breakfast ideas to lose weight

It is said that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet many people let it fail – was it out of pure habit, or, for example, within the common interval of fasting.

Best if you pull from the Breakfast enormous energy for the day, the ingredients should not be just chosen unwisely.

In order to keep the blood sugar at a good Level, it is important that the nutrient composition of the macro – nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins and fats-to.

But also fiber-rich foods with Superfood-character, such as psyllium husks, flax seeds or Chia seeds, which stimulate digestion, are part of a healthy Breakfast as well.

Healthy Breakfast – so gelingt's

The Breakfast should be served with a Mix of high-quality protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates (the proportion may be lower than the protein share).

A protein-rich Breakfast keeps you fuller for longer, protects for up for lunch in front of cravings and boosts the metabolism.

This is mainly due to the fact that the body has to spend a lot more energy, proteins into amino acids to split.

The body burns in the digestion of proteins already calories. Almost a quarter of the food energy of proteins comes to naught so without landing on the hips.

Furthermore, proteins for muscle building are required, which in turn means a positive effect for burning fat.

1. Low-sugar Smoothies or juices

Especially for people who are in the morning in a hurry, are self-made Smoothies. Because they quickly deliver a lot of vitamins and minerals, and can of course be enjoyed on the go.

However, it is important to not to fall into the sugar trap and not to use too much fruit with a high fructose content.

Juices, especially vegetable-based or green Smoothies are a healthy Breakfast alternative. They ensure that the blood sugar level is not driven in the height.

As snacks and health optimizer vegetable protein powder for the Protein are recommended for Power as well as healthy fats such as coconut oil, MCT Oil, or nut butter.

For the Extra Dose of Superfood special Superfood powder, which can easily be in the Smoothies or juices, stir worries.Recipe: Kale-Banana Smoothie

2. The Classic: Eggs

An Egg for Breakfast provides protein, six grams of, the egg yolk has more protein than the egg whites.

In addition, eggs, in particular points of the yolk, with Magnesium, calcium and even Vitamin D.

Eggs there are many ways to prepare scrambled eggs, boiled or poached Egg, or how about a homemade egg salad?

Full Power ahead with this Avocado egg salad Bagel.

Recipe: Avocado-Egg Salad Bagel

3. Avocado-Bread

Speaking of Avocado: The creamy, fat-rich flesh of the fruit tastes especially good on bread. In the case of the bread choice, it is recommended to grab bread with complex carbohydrates like multigrain bread, whole-grain bread or protein bread. Because they are particularly rich in fiber, keeping you full longer and promote at the same time, Verdaaung.

The healthy fat of the Avocado has many advantages: it controls the hormone levels and keeps hormones in Balance. Especially the production of testosterone is promoted by healthy fats, such as Omega-3.

This has an enormously positive effect on muscle building. And the more muscle mass the body has, the more calories he burns in a resting state.

4. Chia Pudding

Chia seeds do not apply for no reason as a Superfood. After all, they are an excellent source of vegetable Protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.

As a Breakfast, the small seeds are particularly good because they contain a lot of fiber, the long saturate, and the digestion stimulate.

In the ideal case, you should prepare the Chia Pudding the night before and store in refrigerator.

Recipe idea: 1/4 Cup of Chia seeds with 200 ml of almond or soy milk and mix. Decorate with berries, coconut flakes, and rice syrup, Refine, and Mix over night in the refrigerator. In the Morning, only with a handful of beaten almonds – Good!

5. Quinoa Porridge

Quinoa can also with its nutritional value see. In contrast to most cereals, it provides a good Protion of vegetable Protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, and dietary fiber.

In addition, it has substances by the existing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effect on the body, and also with minerals such as iron, Magnesium, and potassium, the pseudo can serve cereals.

A Quinoa Porridge, it is prepared the same as if you used normal porridge oats – the oats will only be exchanged for Quinoa.

Garnish, you can of berries with a few nuts, delicious or flax seed.

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6. Quark or Skyr-Bowl

Rich in protein, low in fat, low in calories – so low-fat quark and Skyr convince all along the line.

So quark is stuck in 100 g low fat 14 grams of protein. But also the Icelandic fresh cheese product with 100 grams of Skyr 11 grams of protein.

Both dairy products provide the calcium and Magnesium.

Delicious Toppings, for example, berries (frozen or fresh, depending on season), Apple, homemade Granola, hemp seeds, flax seeds, a little date syrup or a small amount of chopped nuts.

Cornelia Bertram, Andra Schmidt

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