Öko-Test: applesauce in the Test: All the products contain too much sugar

Whether with or without potato pancakes: Creamy applesauce sweet kids brings back memories. But please, not with a bunch of extra sugar!

But that’s exactly the is sets Fertigmus-glass, and found the magazine ‘Öko-Test’ (output 8/2020). It recommends more ready-to-Apple pulp for consumption.

Here, the Sweetness comes from the fruits, which naturally contain eleven per cent, of sugar.

The testers examined a total of 20 Apfelbreie, twelve Times Mus and eight Times in Mark. Results: For seven of the Apple mark-products the Eco-Tester pull out the best grade.

In all of the Apple muses they criticize, however, the addition of sugar and annoyed at five products on pesticide loads.

n a case will be exceeded in addition, the legal residue limit for a so-called growth regulator. It was “unsatisfactory”.

Their Anger about the additional added sugar “Öko-Test” can you blame put ” the producers, however, only to a limited extent. It exist of a guiding principle requirement, according to which the proportion of Sugar in fruit products at least need to 16.5 percent.

Find the Eco-Tester to be unhealthy and request to change the guidelines.

Another Alternative for the manufacturer is to circumvent the rule and to call their products Apple mark.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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