Here's How Pregnancy Has Changed Kayla Itsines' Workout Routine

There’s no question Kayla Itsines will be the fittest mumma out – the BBG and Sweat app queen has already announced her plans to stay active throughout her entire pregnancy. But thanks to persistent morning sickness zapping her motivation, she’s had to make a few modifications to her usual routine.

Taking to Insta stories, the 27-year-old (who is currently 22 weeks along) admitted that the first four months as a mum-to-be really took its toll on her mind and body.

“Pregnancy energy for me is not the same as my normal energy,” she wrote. “A 30-minute workout is hard for me mentally, but I get it done because I want to be healthy and strong for baby muffin!”

As a result, she’s traded in her plyometric and weight training sessions for low-intensity steady-state cardio (aka, LISS): “I now do… modified exercises, lots of walking, no jumping, lower weight higher reps, heart rate monitoring,” she added.

And despite the rough start, she’s started to feel “much better” over the past five weeks. In fact, Kayla’s over the moon about her impending motherhood.

“It just amazes me that my body can make a baby and I have a profound feeling of pride in what women go through in having children, it’s just incredible,” she told Women’s Health.
“I also love the way my body is changing and think my new little baby bump is so cute, and Tobi loves it!”

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