Diet plan to lose weight, don’t decide on a routine before you’ve read this

Most of you have thought of getting on a diet plan at some point in your life. Whether it is to lose a few kilos or to gain some. We know that the changes we make to our diet are the ones that will give us results. Weight loss is the result of sustainable efforts done with proper knowledge. Fad diets may give you results, but those are short-lived ones.

However, because of the internet we’re inundated with information on different kinds of information on nutrition. While the diet may work for some, it might backfire for the rest. Thus it is important to find out what works for you, based on your body, medical history and fitness levels.

Here are some things to keep in mind while choosing the right diet plan.

Sustainable plan

Good food habits are for a lifetime. So it’s important to choose something that can be followed for the rest of your life. “It is important to pick the right dietary plan and schedule that will work for you on a long term basis,” says nutritionist Janvi Chitalia. If you go for crash diets and stop them once you achieve results, it won’t take long for you to go back to your old self.

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Medical checks

If you’re opting for a rigorous plan, you must get a go ahead from your doctor. “If the diet is strict and restrictive, then the medical status must be evaluated to rule out adverse effects of dieting,” she adds. Before starting any diet, the patient’s medical history needs to be evaluated. “Conditions such as obesity, diabetes, PCOD, heart health, lung capacity are all important factors to be evaluated,” says Naaznin Husein, Founder director, Freedom Wellness and Lifestyle management. She further adds that it is important to get a complete biochemical parameter check done before embarking on a diet plan. “Things like blood test, blood count, haemoglobin levels, fasting and post meal sugar, lipid profile, these things will help the dietician form the right diet plan for you,” says Husein.

Exercise patterns

It is important to check the physical activity levels before embarking on a diet plan. Whether you are a regular at a gym, fitness enthusiast, play a sport or are mostly office bound. “To summarise, everybody is different and has different requirements. So, it is important to customise the right plan for your needs,” says Chitalia.

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First Published: Aug 03, 2018 08:50 IST

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