Curvy or slender?: With this type of woman men are most likely to foreign

Victoria Milan is a Norwegian affair Agency that offers, since 2010, a discreet one-to Cheating.

According to the Website, it counts in Germany alone, more than 254.000 users, under the Slogan “live your passion – Find your affair” for Cheating the ready.

The company has now carried out a second investigation, the detective should prefer, what type of woman men Cheating. The result is a completely different than at the first examination of 2015.

What body shape will seduce you to fling?

For the study of 4,800 male Victoria Milan members from 22 countries-including Germany, America, South Africa, France, Italy and the UK-were asked what type of woman you prefer Cheating.

The answer was clear: 40.8 percent said “curvy”, as it came to the appearance of a perfect affair. Your cross in the “slim” made only 35.2 percent of the unfaithful men.

The taste of men has changed

2015 Victoria Milan conducted the survey for the first Time.

At the time, thin women topped the list: Under 4.427 respondents men, 40.2 percent gave “slim” as the Ideal and only 38.6 per cent “curvy”.

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Appearance is not everything

The question after the dream appearance of the affair was limited, however, not on the shape of the body: The participants were able to tick multiple attributes, the want for your second wife.

Thus, 42.3 percent reported that “long hair” to be sexy, while still 33.5 percent paid attention to “beautiful eyes”. A “more elegant Fashion-Style” was only 28.3 percent of the men important.

May be’s also a little personality?

To pay attention not only on the Outside, asked the initiators of Victoria Milan to personality traits, which should lay the perfect beloved on the day. Here, too, multiple answers were possible.

67.6 per cent of the Cuckold wanted to have an affair with Humor, while 64.5 per cent “nice/kind” as a request attribute information. “Adventurous,” wanted to 51.5 percent, “empathic” is still 24.8 per cent, and “impulsive” only 22.5 per cent.

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