Chemsex: What’s behind the Trend from the USA and why he is so dangerous

According to the United States and the United Kingdom Chemsex is also in Germany of increasing popularity. Sex is more exciting still, by brings with chemistry, so certain pills, in mood – hence the Name of Chemsex.

What lies behind this Trend and how dangerous he is?

Sex on drugs: Especially popular at sex parties

Stimulants and Sex have always been close friends. Finally, a couple of glasses of wine can inspire every Flirt and bringing people closer together.

Without alcohol and other drugs, there is probably less Sex in the world.

But Chemsex goes even further. Group sex or Sex-Marathon-Events to meet people, to have under the influence of drugs, Sex, are often organized via the Internet or by special WhatsApp groups.

Ecstasy, Poppers or Crystal Meth to ensure that the participants not only for hours, but in extreme cases even days long. The drugs, and leave all inhibitions forgotten, and boundaries become blurred.

Many of the participants promise by the chemicals circulating through your veins, a more intense, ecstatic sexual experience.

Danger in Chemsex: risks are hidden

A person who abandons all inhibitions and head off the dangers, which (brings unprotected) Sex with Strangers, and not to be put off.

As the Chemsex Boom peaked a few years ago in London, and especially the gay scene is captured, it came to an average of five new HIV infections per day.

In addition to HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases – Syphilis, Hepatitis C, gonorrhoea threaten to name just a few. In noise, the Least-think of condoms.

Contagion is not the only threat

Who has to in the hair ends and full of drugs, Sex, pay no attention to physical stress or warning signs. Therefore, participants in such Events endure weakness, seizures and even heart attacks.

A Chemsex can-Event in the end of life are dangerous a high price!

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