We are addicted to carbohydrates! Why the Low-Carb diet is so hard

Researchers have explained the Low-Carb diet straight to the best principle, in order to maintain a healthy weight. Favorite food such as curry sausage, Pizza, and cake are actually taboo. Thus, the waiver becomes easier, we may occasionally sin.

If Low-Carb is meant to be a diet that largely dispenses with “carbs” i.e. carbohydrates, at least on the fast recyclable, which not long full and thick: pasta, white bread, cakes and sugar. The good carbohydrates, especially vegetables and whole grains, are quite welcome as the accompaniment of lean meat and fish, steamed or in a good vegetable oil fried.

Those who follow the Low Carb principle is consistently can not lose weight just to be healthy, but the new weight permanently. The latter has proven a nutrition study, which was published in November 2018 in the journal “BMJ”.

Low-Carb diet burns many calories

The study he Board of nutrition physician David Ludwig of the University of Harvard found that a Low-Carb helps diet best to stay to the weight loss also slim. After five months of Low-Carb diet, the subjects burned daily 250 kcal more than the control group, which made a Low-Fat diet. The levels of the Hunger hormone Ghrelin was due to the carbohydrate waiver is particularly low. The stimulated the metabolism and helping to avoid the yo-yo effect after the diet.

A Zucchini is not a substitute cotton candy

So promising, Low-Carb as a diet and nutrition principle is, there is a catch: often, It is ‘forbidden’ carbohydrates, which taste particularly good, satisfied and happy. And: It is difficult to snacking, so, for example, only a chocolate rib instead of eating the whole bar. So uncontrolled Eating a cravings easily.

This desire has a lot to do with childhood experiences, taste experiences, such as fish fingers with fries, Spaghetti Bolognese or nut-Nougat-cream on raisin bread. Often there was also something Sweet or a favorite food as a reward or for consolation. The acts also in the case of adults, if you are frustrated: you then grab for the chocolate pudding, not to vegetable sticks.

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And the preference for Sweet, Creamy, and Soft – all carbs and strength we get in the cradle. Infants to suck on the sweet mother’s milk and are programmed for all times to sugary.

Quickly available carbohydrates, and Insulin – a vicious circle

And then there is the thing with the Insulin. The hormone signals the fat cells to store fat. In addition, the insulin secretion is determined according to a food mainly by the ate carbohydrates, especially the easily digestible pasta, Starches and sugar – feel exactly the Basis of the products, we often have a special Request. A small amount of Carbs stimulates insulin release. And the more Insulin is secreted, the more our body craves carbohydrates – it’s a vicious circle.

Fat instead of carbs and no calorie counting

Diet physician David Ludwig proposes as a way out of the irrepressible desire for carbohydrate a nutrient that has no good reputation: fat. Because: It fills you up and has no influence on insulin secretion. He’s not talking but Butter and bacon, but high-quality vegetable oils, nuts, fatty fish, or Avocados. “With healthy fats cravings can be attacks overcome”, says the convinced followers of the Low Carb diet.

Who adheres to the principle, do not need to even counting calories – and may afford to pay for in between a carbohydrate bomb from the pizza bakery or confectionery.