The Starbucks Secret Menu Hack You Need This Christmas

Starbucks really has a way of embracing the Christmas spirit. Just look at its recent seasonal offering, the juniper latte. (We’re still not sure how we feel about it.) They also released new seasonal snacks, too, like the sugarplum cheese danish.

But there’s one menu item they have yet to publicize as a milk substitute: eggnog. 

And why not? It counts as a milk substitute and it has sugar. It’s a win-win.

Eggnog was added to the long list of milk substitutes on Nov. 2, and it’s slowly getting people’s attention.

Of course, the eggnog will cost you extra, as would any milk substitution.

Refinery29, who also discovered this secret menu hack, reached out to a Starbucks representative, who told the publication: “You can customize any beverage by swapping out the milk or alternative milk for eggnog for $0.60-$0.75, consistent with any milk substitute.”

Because Eggnog was added to the menu with the rest of their seasonal items, it will likely disappear as the holiday season dwindles to a close, so if you’re jonesing to give it a try, you better do it soon.

Adding eggnog to your go-to Starbucks drink is far from the only way to enjoy it, though.

On the menu is their popular eggnog latte, for those who don’t mind spending a little more on their mid-day pick-me-up. And for those who want it iced, order an iced chai and add eggnog to it for more of a refreshing sip.

Plus, on Starbucks’ secret menu, you can order the gingerbread eggnog chai. Just ask the barista for a chai latte or Frappuccino, and have him or her substitute the milk for eggnog, add a pump or three of gingerbread syrup (depending on what size you get) and top it with whipped cream and graham cracker topping.

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