Starbucks' New Tumblers Are So Popular, They're Being Resold for a Small Fortune

Usually this time of year we’re too busy freaking out over the Starbucks summer menu to be to consumed with anything else (well, there’s the Game of Thrones finale coming up, but you know what I mean). This year, however, the buzz has all been about the chain’s newest reusable tumblers, not what goes in them. Starbucks is currently selling five-packs of color changing cups, which sport an ombre look when cold liquid is added and come with lids and straws, and a similarly coveted rainbow metal tumbler with lid and reusable straw, both of which people are now selling for a huge markup online.

We won’t lie — the tumblers are gorgeous.

The metal rainbow tumbler transitions from red to pink, and has a pink lid and pale robin’s egg blue reusable straw. These cups retail for $24.95, but they’re being sold online for a huge markup – on Poshmark you can find one for $65.

The “Festival Ombre” color-changing cups are equally covetable. Made from lightweight plastic, these 24-oz cups come in a pack of five, and features Rose (pink to red), Citron (yellow to green), Sky (light blue to dark blue), Apricot (light orange to dark orange) and Arctic (teal to raspberry) color changers. Each set retails for $16.95, but people are seriously marking these babies up.

Got $888.88? Good luck, you can import a set of five from Schenectady, New York on eBay. Purse strings a bit tighter? You can buy an individual cup for $20 on Etsy, or a five-pack for $89 on Poshmark. Or you could always consider sipping your coffee out of a regular, non-color-changing vessel, but what do I know.

You could also just wait. If your Starbucks is sold out of the cups, you don’t need to panic – according to a Starbucks rep, the color-changing cups will be restocked throughout the season. Phew. Who knew that saving the environment one cup at a time could get so intense?

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