Science author dispels diet myths: fat does not make you fat

Milk is healthy, fat is bad, and anyone who counts calories will not be an increase – a science journalist Bas Kast admits in his book, “The diet compass”, with myths about food and explains, in FOCUS Online, why counting calories is nothing.

FOCUS Online: Mr Kast, are you in search of the perfect diet you are looking for?

Bas Kast: The perfect diet, there are not, that’s me in the course of the Research became clearer. However, there are a few principles that can apply to each: Self-prepared food is better than Junk food, herbal products are better than animal and milk is an unnecessary food.

FOCUS Online: This is it: milk is healthy.

Bas Kast: milk has a pretty good Image. I drank my whole life, a lot of milk. Until I understood that milk is a growth drink. It contains a lot of protein, which stimulates the cell – and thus body growth. If an adult is drinking milk, to stimulate the body cells to the growth – of cancer cells. And it accelerates the aging process. I would like to do without and therefore I’m just going to take a little milk for the coffee. In the process, you do not need to completely eliminate milk products, but engages to fermented products such as yogurt and Quark. The were, in a sense, predigested.

FOCUS Online: you have two years by scientific studies worked. What was the biggest Surprise?

Bas Kast: Fat. Namely, that fat is not taken in fat.

FOCUS Online: Although there are many calories that contains?

Bas Kast: Yes. Most of the fats are also very healthy. Of course, there are fats that are better than others. Greasy Chips are not included. For the olive oil or the Omega-3 fatty acids, found in greasy fish, for example herring. In the Mediterranean cuisine is well known not skimp on the fat, because the fat content is more than 40 percent of the calories. By the way, analyses have shown that the more extra virgin olive oil takes a wife, the lower her risk of breast cancer.

FOCUS Online: why makes you fat, not automatically fat?

Bas Kast: fats contain nine calories per gram, actually more energy than carbohydrates and proteins, each with four calories. In addition, it means that fats clogged our arteries. In my opinion, this fat-phobia has brought on the obesity epidemic at all. What do you do, when you eliminate fat? You eat something else. Before you shouldn’t do something damn it, or quite, one should always want to ask what you use to replace the product. Instead of fat is usually used to quickly digestible carbohydrates such as white bread or potatoes. Or fat-free products that are crammed full of sugar.

FOCUS Online: you also say that fatty foods Slimming.

Bas Kast: This is particularly true in the case of obese people. The Omega-3 fatty acids, for example, are anti-inflammatory. The Hypothalamus and the satiety center is inflamed in Obesity is sometimes – and how the nose during a cold, "riecht" it is not much – in this Case, the saturation of the centre registered the not bacon rolls on the body. Omega-3 fatty acids can alleviate the inflammation and the body perceives the signals. There are studies that show that both the fish consumption and the intake of Omega-3 capsules help you lose weight. Mike Meyer / random house Bas Kast began after health problems with his diet to deal with and has some food sorted out. Including Milk.

FOCUS Online: You could also pay attention to how much calories you take.

Bas Kast: It is the first of a captivating logic: Who is more calories as it consumes, takes. But it also depends on what calories we when to take us.

FOCUS Online: What is wrong with the de" “Energiebilanz" not?

Bas Kast: That here overlooked is that we are a complex biological organism. Calories are determined under laboratory conditions: The food is literally burned. For the steel container in which the sample is burned, it does not matter which time of the day. In humans, however, external factors play a role. Since it may be crucial to take just like many calories to me, but what time of day. When I have the calories to me to take it influenced, how I process it.

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FOCUS Online: What impact can that have?

Bas Kast: It can be through thick and thin decide. It is test individuals identical meals, once in the Morning once in the evening, the physical reaction was completely different. It has, for example, two groups each day, the same number of Calories. The group took a sumptuous Breakfast and a frugal dinner, the other Vice versa. Both groups are so identical calorie intake. The lost with the great Breakfast significantly more weight. C. Bertelsmann, “The nutritional compass – The conclusion of all scientific studies on the topic of nutrition” by Bas Kast, C. Bertelsmann, 2018

FOCUS Online: Why is that?

Bas Kast: in the Morning the insulin sensitivity is highest. The blood sugar to rise, therefore, is in the morning at least, and the carbohydrates are processed best. From the point of view of blood sugar, it is in the evening as we would for the same meal, double meal, soft gun rn.

FOCUS Online: The are but bad news for all, who does not like Breakfast.

Bas Kast: It plays not only a role, when we how much to eat, but when we what to eat. Therefore, calorie bombs better in the morning or at noon, because of the increased insulin sensitivity in the Morning, the body can process the glucose better. In the evening, he has more trouble.

FOCUS Online: How should then the dining plan over the course of the day look like?

Bas Kast: From this point of view: Healthy carbs such as cereal, whole-grain bread or fruit in the first half of the day. In the afternoon, a proteins such as fish fillet with salad and vegetables. In the evening, then the fat food such as Avocados, nuts, olive oil or cheese richer.

FOCUS Online: you have the perfect diet is not found, but obviously fit and slim. You have found the right diet for you?

Bas Kast: The ultimate proper diet or diet there is in my opinion not. Therefore, you should try and see what’s good for you. I have done so and made. And when you feel better, no longer wants to be Chips and Cola.