Risk of poisoning: Zucchini from the garden can be dangerous

Zucchini and pumpkins are popular – not least because they are considered to be low in calories, rich in vitamins and easily digestible. The baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of consumer protection in Stuttgart, warns that, under certain circumstances, however, before consumption. There is a risk of poisoning.

“If Zucchini or pumpkins taste bitter, should a consumer leave the fingers of it,” warned the country’s consumer protection Minister, Peter Hauk in Stuttgart. Under certain conditions, and Zucchini form a toxin called Cucurbitacin. In the case of the Zucchini sold in the supermarket has been bred out of the toxin, however, when growing in their own garden with their own seeds can form the poison.

The following circumstances can lead to the formation of Cucurbitacin:

1. High temperatures: In the case of heat the vegetables under Stress – which, in turn, favors the production of the toxin

2. Rearing besides cucurbits: do you Build Zucchini in addition to cucurbits, can it re-crosses to come – as a result, Zucchini with Cucurbitacin arise

To the extent that they only use seeds from the commercial, avoid the hazards. The consumer advice centre warns, however, that supermarket Zucchini can form due to external factors such as drought stress or injury Curcurbitacin.

The man ignored the bitter taste and died

Toxic Zucchini, you recognize usually to a bitter smell or taste. To cook the Zucchini does not bring anything, as even high water temperatures will destroy the toxin. Bitter taste you spit the mouthful at the best and discard the vegetables.

Cucurbitacine act as a cell poison and can cause food poisoning. Symptoms include Nausea, malaise, vomiting, and diarrhea, in the worst case, it can also lead to bloody diarrhea.

The reason for the warning of the Ministry is a case in Baden-Württemberg from the last days. A man had poisoned a Zucchini, for more Details did not want to call the Ministry. In the year 2015 a pensioner died, reportedly after he ignored the self-grown Zucchini and ate the bitter taste. Older people feel bitter taste is often not as intense and are at greatest risk may be greater. That is a Zucchini-poisoning is fatal, it is, however, very rare.

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