How long frozen foods are edible?

How long is the finished Sauerbraten is already in the freezer, is long forgotten. And also Jacob’s scallops are not likely to be presentable as soon as they were thawed.

In the case of “a maximum of one year,” the recommendations of the consumer expert for the storage of food in the freezer. However, in some of the freezer, some store food for many months, or even years. What to do?

Monika Bischoff, a Board member of the professional Association of nutritional Sciences, advises, radically, to Remove. What has not been consumed within twelve months, way can. “It’s like with the wardrobe. What has not been worn for a year, no longer attracts you, anyway.”

Who also handles old frozen finds dear, you must not have to fear for his health, says nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm from Freiburg. “There’s nothing happening at all. They don’t fall over dead!”

Unappetizing, but not spoiled

In the worst case, it no longer tastes or the quality has suffered. Products with a high fat content may become rancid taste, how about the Rest of a Christmas goose, or salmon. They look slightly grey brown and snow are often covered. “The margins tend to freezer burn. The food is spoiled or poisonous, but just unappetizing,” says the cookbook author.

She advises, no raw food to freeze, but prefer ready-cooked – and preferably in several small portions. You should be directly after cooking in cold boxes or small bags filled. “Stews always nice and flat, press the air out carefully from the freezer bag to swipe. The space is no attack, so ice Crystals form,” says the nutrition expert.

During Freezing and thawing, Hygiene is a top priority I basically. Meat about is always to thaw slowly in the refrigerator. “Was not respected during Freezing in the cold chain or the food before Freezing for hours in the kitchen, have a bacteria only slept and multiply during thawing explosion,” explains Bischoff.

“Puree is always”

If the thawed product unpleasant smells, you should throw them away, says Bischoff. You don’t smell bad, he could conjure up, for example, from frozen fish fricassee. With freezer burn will simply be cut off. “The taste otherwise leathery soles of your shoes.” You would cut the fish in cubes and fresh fish mix. The Whole under the vegetable pan and you’re done.

Dagmar von Cramm advises to the soup. “No matter what, is Puree always” is their motto. Whether it’s meat or vegetables, bring to a boil, puree, with tomato paste or juice, Bouillon and sour cream, season to taste and serve with Croutons. “Nobody knows what it is, but it always tastes good,” she says.

But how do you manage to create in the first place, no Ancient finds in the fridge? “Since this is the only visible helps,” says Monika Bischoff. It proposes a list on the freezer: there Is, for example, that you have frozen fresh peas three weeks ago, you can buy more ingredients and for a specific day of the week, the preparation set.