Prosecco-Infused Candy Straws Are Here to Make Your Wine-Drinking Even More Lit

Gather ’round, fam, because I’m about to let you in on some news that’ll basically change the way you sip on wine. Ruffino Wines and Sweet Saba candy couture artist Maayan Zilberman have just released the cutest limited-edition Prosecco-infused candy straws, and you’re going to want all of them immediately.

The hand-painted paper straws come in three-piece sets, cost $45 each, and include three fun flavors: peach, elderflower, and a third inspired by “bubbles and celebration.” Each one has an adorably edible candy charm, whether it’s a peach emoji, a flower, or gold bars. And, yes, they’re garnished with edible gold—perfect for posting some envy-inducing ‘grams.

Pop the straw in your favorite glass of bubbly, or perhaps a cocktail—or you could simply drink straight from the bottle. You do you.

The straws are available to order online as of Tuesday and ship the first week of September.

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