OMG, Olive Garden Is Now Serving *Never-Ending* Stuffed Pasta

Alright carb queens, hold on to your hats. Olive Garden just majorly one-upped the Never Ending Pasta experience with a Never Ending STUFFED Pasta deal. Because if there’s anything better than all-you-can-eat fettuccine and lasagna, it’s stuffed ziti, cheese tortellini, and cheese- and veggie-filled ravioli.

The promo is a little different than the last in that, for now at least, there’s no all-year or all-season pass. Plates start at $12.99 and include unlimited breadsticks (praise be) and homemade soup or salad. You can create your own perfect meal out of four pastas, four sauces, and five toppings.

Let’s dive in: On the pasta front, we’ve got stuffed ziti fritta, which has four cheeses inside and is FRIED, so it’s obviously a must-try. Then there are the staples, including cheese ravioli, mushroom ravioli and asiago tortellini.

As for the sauces, you can go creamy or red with alfredo, meat sauce, marinara or five-cheese marinara. Then come the toppings: garden veggies, meatballs, grilled chicken and two new additions, garlic shrimp and sautéed shrimp and scallops.

It goes without saying, but come hungry if you plan on participating in this cheesy, carb-y feast. The menu is available at Olive Garden restaurants nationwide now and will stay there through March 31.

New year, new pasta. Never ending has never been better with our new Never Ending Stuffed Pastas.

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