Kit Kat Announced Their First New Flavor in a Decade

Crispy, crunchy, and covered in chocolate, Kit Kat bars have been our fave shareable snack for a long time now. Just snap off a stick and hand it to a buddy! But things are about to get a little wild in our mouths because Kit Kat is officially launching a new permanent flavor for the first time in a decade — Mint Dark Chocolate. Cue the excited screaming.

First, the bad news — this baby won’t be available until December. Now the good news (that was quick): it sounds freaking delicious. Basically what we’re looking at is a classic chocolate-filled wafer cookie that’s coated in rich dark chocolate on the bottom half, and coated with silky mint crème on the top half. The flavor will be called Kit Kat Duos, and the plural there makes us wonder if there are even more flavors we can look forward to.

In fact, a spokesperson for Kit Kat told People that they’re “just getting started” with the exciting Kit Kat news, so we probably have many tasty reveals to come.

We’ve been waiting patiently for the new flavor to be confirmed — it was first hinted at by Instagrammer @markie_devo, who posted a picture of the Kit Kat Duos earlier in April.

We’ve rarely been so excited for a rumor to be confirmed, but when it’s one this delicious, can you blame us?

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