Ben & Jerry's Releases 2 New Summertime Flavors

Summer is nigh, and you know what that means: pitchers of frozen rosé margaritas and indulging on pints of glorious, creamy ice cream. Or maybe that’s just us? Either way, Ben & Jerry’s has introduced two new flavors we can’t wait to dig into. But you can’t pick these flavors up at any ‘ole grocery store; they’re only available at Walmart.

The two new flavors include Red, White & Blueberry and Ice Cream Sammie, and they truly epitomize summertime.

Red, White & Blueberry is a blueberry, raspberry and vanilla ice cream swirl with strawberries and shortbread pieces. Ice Cream Sammie starts with a vanilla ice cream base, swirled with chocolate cookies and sprinkled with chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies.

So far, these flavors sounds like a hit. According to Biggs’s Bites on Instagram, the Ice Cream Sammie is a “very well-executed pint” and a “tasty addition to the lineup.”

“Not only are these chunks consistent from top to bottom, but some are absolute MONSTERS!!” @thecoldhardscoop writes. “At the bottom of my pint I even ran into an entire cookie, Graeter’s style!! These chunks also have that great soggy/soft yet slightly crunchy texture that you get when you dip your cookie in milk, and they pack a great flavor that is right on par with that of an authentic Oreo.”

While you’re in the ice cream isle, keep an eye out for Ben & Jerry’s new, edible cookie dough bites. They were available in Vermont since last year, but now the three flavors — chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip and vegan chocolate chip — are rolling out nationwide.

The cookie dough obsession doesn’t end there, either. In January, Ben & Jerry’s also released three new cookie dough core ice cream flavors, including Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core, Sweet Like Sugar Cookie Dough Core and Wake & “No Bake” Cookie Dough Core, which combines vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cookies and peanut butter ice cream.

If you see someone strolling down the frozen aisle in Walmart with a cart full of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, that may or may not be us.

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