Kelly Ripa Says She’s A Snooze Button Abuser

To say that Kelly Ripa, co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan, has a pretty cool job, is a gross understatement. She basically gets paid to interview celebrities and be her hilarious, gorgeous self. But being a morning talk show host isn’t all fun and games. To be alert and ready for her 9 a.m. taping, the 48-year-old mom of three sets her alarm for 5:30 a.m., which is damn early if you aren’t a morning person.

Kelly says she’s totally addicted to the snooze button and sometimes, it can take her up to a half hour to actually roll out of bed. (Stars, they really are just like us!) Check out the video above to find out how hubby Mark Consuelos sleeps through a half-hour of her snooze alarms, how she gets a solid night’s rest even when Mark won’t stop snoring, and more.

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