Is It EVER Ok To Microwave Fish In The Office?

Like giving your colleagues a front row eat to a toe nail clipping or having R 18+ rated relations in the bathrooms – there are things that are officially not on in an office environment. But some behaviour falls into more of a grey area. 

The fine people over at have raised one of these interesting quandaries, and it’s pertinent in our office full of protein loving health writers.

Is it ever ok to microwave fish at work?

Etiquette expert William Hanson told the publication that it’s a pretty firm no.

“The cooking of fish – as with curries – is fairly antisocial in a communal kitchen and should be avoided at all costs,” he explained.

“If you absolutely have to zap a sardine or reheat a mackerel then do it outside of your colleagues’ regular lunch hours and refresh the microwave after by popping a cut lemon in a glass bowl of water and microwave that for two minutes on full.”

I, for one, am on board with heated fish al desko as long as it’s not an offensively obtrusive scent and your fishy dishes are removed immediately.

But after asking my colleagues for their thoughts, and I might be amending my nuking habits in future…

“I’m a no for this one – I wouldn’t mind too much if someone else did it, but I’d never do it,” our Features Editor Alex says. “I did it once with fish pie back in the UK and then everyone made a big thing like ‘urgh who has been microwaving fish in here?’ #traumatised.”

“Acceptable to heat up in the microwave and eat away from desk,” Digital Content Manager Lottie says. “Unacceptable to eat in office where other people don’t want yo stank.”

Features Writer and Digital Content Editor Lucy is a little more understanding.

“If it’s tuna or salmon, I feel ok about it. If it’s a stinky fish, then firm no.”

But Men’s Health’s Digital Content Editor Alex has some strict requirements. 

“It’s okay to microwave fish if it’s under 2 mins microwave time. You should eat away from your desk if there are people around. If you don’t have a choice but to eat at your desk, you should at least apologise. Also do your best to cover it in between bites.”

Where do you stand on this one? Let us know in the Facebook comments. 

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