Hardly any calories, the blood sugar remains at the bottom of: The can the unknown sweetener erythritol

Anyone who wants to avoid sugar, you can choose from a handful of Alternatives, such as Stevia, xylitol, or fruit syrup. Also the so far relatively unknown sweetener erythritol is out of the question as a sugar substitute: It has almost no calories and no impact on insulin levels.

Erythritol is a sweet-tasting, white crystal powder. In nature, the substance occurs in many foods such as melons, pears or grapes. A Liter of wine can contain up to 300 milligrams. Due to its good properties of erythritol is suitable as a healthy sugar alternative.

You can buy the substance as a powder or in crystal form and, consequently, their food sweet. Depending on the provider, a Kilo costs about seven to eleven euros. Manufacturer to win the powder by using chemical catalysis processes or Fermentation by fungi. In Germany, erythritol authorised as an additive in food and bears on the packaging the name E968. In the trade it is also under the name of Sukrin, Sucolin, or Xucker Light known.

Six properties of erythritol