Grnkraut: vitamins of the window Bank

Small but powerful: The Micro Greens listed Seedlings to conquer the domestic Küche. Finally. Because in matters of taste and Nänutrients, the Minis are quite groß

Äolder than sprouts, jünger as a Gemüse: Micro Greens are a quasi-Teenager. Dafür are several Gemüsepflanzen

The new parsley on the plate edge – so Sp&ouml judge;leaves üon the Grünkraut-Trend. However, the so-called Micro Greens on ­to reduce their appearance and their decorative potential würde not do it justice. They are delicate and cute, but also üsurprising krästrong – in taste and Nänutrient density.

"Micro Greens are Gemüsepflanzen, in which only the Keimbläleaves and the first true leaf to see sind", erklärt Köchin and Buch­author Manuela Rüther. For example, the Pflänzchen of Beetroot, Radishes, or broccoli. In contrast to the related sprouts Micro be consumed Greens without roots. Also they grow in the ground instead of on a non-woven, cotton or paper. With a few weeks to be harvested, they are quasi-teen-plants: more Mature than sprouts, but not yet ripe as in ready-to-Gemüse.

Not new, but rediscovered

In the US, the Hype exists around the Grünkraut already läViking. Now, the Trend initiated by the healthy ingredient of us to make his way from the top restaurants in the direction of the local plate.

Although her English Name sounds like wären is a modern creation out of the test tube, Micro Greens are not a product of modern times, says Anja Deppner, Ernäcurrency researcher from Wismar: "You only experience a Renaissance." Actually, gehören Seedlings to the äone of the oldest food of the people. Not for nothing is the German name &quot reminds;Grünkraut" more of grandma’s potato-cabbage – Küche as a hip Superfood.

Nänutrient density: to grow less and less healthy

Again, the ingredient was discovered now, because you &ndash tastes; but above all, because it is so healthy. Researchers at the Universität Maryland (USA) and the US Department of agriculture have shown that many of the young Shoots of Gemüsepflanzen a höthe higher proportion of important Nährstoffen contain, as their adult Relatives. "Micro Greens provide vitamins, fiber, and sekundäre plant substances in a very compact Form", expert Deppner says. Another study from America puts außerdem ­suggests that the consumption of Grünkraut a positive effect on the Cholesterol metabolism and the Köbody weight the impact of köcould.

Manuela Rüther has already been boiled with a number of varieties and even self-planted: "Micro Greens already have everything on Board, what the großen plants. And not only the Nänutrients are concentrated, the taste is es", the K&ouml says;chin. The consistency is very delicate, the Aroma würzig – thus, the Pfl&auml are;nzchen, for example, für salads, Pesto, cold Soßen and soups, Dressings, or Sandwiches.

In spicy and süßen dining-usable

Experimental köthe seedlings can also süße food pack. Rüther: "Pea is doing well in the fruit salad, sorrel in a orange cream, amaranth in Smoothies or Porridge." However, many of the ingredients are lost during cooking, so the specialist. You räto heat, therefore, Micro Greens. Because the Nänutrient bombs are so sensitive, you should also be in the Kürefrigerator or frozen to be stored.

Another disadvantage is that In the ordinary course of trade Gr&uuml is;nkraut not yet erhäavailable. But it lässt easy to home grow – and there’s fresh harvest. "In the summer a place on the balcony, in the Winter, is on the Fensterbank", Manuela R&uuml says;ther.

Ease of rearing in one’s own household

Everything you dafür  need are seeds, a Cup, some soil and light. As good as any variety, Micro Greens can herangez&uuml in this way;be considered. Für the beginning of Manuela R&uuml recommends;ther peas, Rübstiel, Grünkohl, lentils, Radishes, radish and Cress. "They all grow quickly and vöcompletely unproblematic."

Gemüsegärtner-in-law should get when you purchase the seeds on Bioqualität. "Herkömmliches seed with fungicides and pesticides behandelt", weiß Anja Deppner. "Because Micro Greens are already after two to fünf weeks to be harvested, have Rückstände no time to grow out."

Schälchen instead of the Bed

Who observed that, with the germ of a healthy diversity of plants all around the year on the plate. Köchin Manuela Rüther: "Micro Greens provide the great Chance, even without a hektargroßen ­The garden itself Gemüse, to grow and to know exactly where the plants come."

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