Al Roker Drops 40 Pounds, Lowers Cholesterol on Keto Diet

Today co-host Al Roker doesn’t hide his weight loss struggles. In 2002, the star famously underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose more than 100 pounds, Good Housekeeping reported. Lately, he’s become known for praising the ketogenic–or keto–diet, as the secret to helping him look and feel great.

Roker took up the high-fat, low-carbohydrate plan in September, according to a Today show segment. By limiting carbs, your body enters ketosis, or fat-burning state, which helps people lose weight. Other famous keto enthusiasts include Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore and Tim Tebow.

Since then, Roker has lost 40 pounds thanks to a bunch of fat-filled recipes, which he shares with fans on Instagram and the Today show. Last night, the star whipped up lamb chops, asparagus, and salad for dinner.

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For #dinner #tonight we had #panroasted #lambchops #grilled #asparagus and a #salad

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Even people who don’t typically enjoy lamb couldn’t deny that Roker’s meal looked pretty amazing. “I’m not a fan of lamb but this looks delicious!,” one person wrote.

Earlier this month, Roker shared that one of his keto meals motivated him to get through a Monday slump. “My #mondaymotivation is also my #mondaymeal #oldskool #crockpot #beef#stew later tonight #keto,” he wrote.

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My #mondaymotivation is also my #mondaymeal #oldskool #crockpot #beef #stew later tonight #keto

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Of course, good snacks are vital in conquering any diet. Roker shares his favorite keto-friendly snacks with fans, too.

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Not gonna lie. Still thinking about those #pork #cracklins by @rodneyscottsbbq I had at @chswineandfood Oh. Wait. He gave me a couple of bags to go.

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Lately, Roker has become notable for more than just his cooking skills. The keto enthusiast publicly criticized celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels for speaking out against the diet. In case you missed it, Michaels told Women’s Health the diet is a bad plan for “a million reasons.”

“Your cells, your macro molecules, are literally made up of protein, fat, carbohydrates, nucleic acids,” she explained. “When you do not eat one of the three macro nutrients — those three things I just mentioned—you’re starving yourselves.

In response, Rorker defended his beloved diet first on Twitter, then in a Today show segment.

“So @JillianMichaels says #Keto is a bad idea. This from a woman who promoted on camera bullying , deprivation, manipulation and more weekly in the name of weight loss. Now those sound like bad ideas,” he tweeted.

On camera, Roker explained his success following a low-carb diet: His cholesterol has improved, his blood pressure is great, and he’s lost weight. But, the TV star admits this lifestyle may not be for everyone.

“My point is, what works for you, works for you,” he said. “There’s science on both sides that says it’s not a great idea and science that says it is a great idea. I think it’s up to people, with their doctor, with their medical professional (to make their own decision).”

No matter what you think of the keto diet, there’s no denying Roker’s recipes look pretty damn good.

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