A Look At Terry Crews’ Ridiculously Huge Cheat Day Meals

For most of the week, Terry Crews is a disciplined intermittent faster. But that fasting willpower, he says, gets used up pretty, well, fast. So when the glorious day finally arrives that Terry can give in and cheat, he indulges like a crime-repressed citizen from the Purge movies. “I make sure when my cheat day is on,” he says, “IT IS ON!”

Round one of cheat day starts at 2pm—his “breakfast”—with an apple fritter, “the biggest, most sugary apple fritter you’ve seen in your entire life.” The fritter gives Terry a sugar high for pretty much the rest of the day, an energy he channels into some afternoon competitiveness with his son. The two play the video game Crackdown 3, the main character of which is a super-strong, super-agile, ridiculous-gun-wielding Terry Crews; so, basically, just Terry Crews. “My son beats my ass in EVERY GAME. I am DETERMINED to BEAT him at my own game,” Terry proclaims.

After the games, Terry takes the kids out for lunch and the most essential cheat day food of them all: pizza. And not just a plain pizza—Terry wants mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and extra cheese. “That pizza goes FAST,” he says.

“You wait until you’re full. You let it melt. And then you EAT IT AGAIN!”

Not long after lunch, it’s dinner time. And dinner time on cheat day is lobster mac and cheese (extra cheese), bread, and butter. “You wait until you’re full. You let it melt. And then you EAT IT AGAIN!” Damn, Terry loves cheese.

And then—oh boy—it’s time for dessert. If you picked Terry for a big cake guy, you’d be under-appreciating his love for fruity sugar. Dessert for Terry is all about the peach cobbler. “Sometimes they give you a healthy version where you have peaches and they crumble a little something on top—no!” he exclaims. “We’re talking extra thick, all-butter crust. And then you top it off with some beautiful vanilla ice cream.”

Surely that cobbler must cap off Terry’s cheat day. But Terry Crews still has one more meal to go . . .

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