6 Healthier Ways Of Grilling Your Favourite Foods

Grilling is one of the healthiest options when it comes to preparing food. Either at home or at a restaurant, many of us are already conditioned to choosing grilled foods over fried choices. That’s because grilled food is generally a healthier choice – it doesn’t involve coatings, batter, dripping grease or large amounts of oil.

However, just because we have grilled sausages or a juicy burger, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. The ingredients may be full of calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

Nevertheless, lovers of grilled food shouldn’t despair – you can enjoy grilled foods all year round that are both delicious and good for you. At JB Hi-Fi, you’ll find a great range of home and kitchen whitegoods and appliances from all the major brands suitable for any sized home, to get you grilling in no time!

Here are six great ways to ensure your grills are great tasting and healthy too:

1. Keep it lean

Make your meal as healthy as can be by choosing lean cuts of meat like chicken, beef or pork. Remove any visible fat or skin for best results. When you crave a burger, pick up the leanest beef you can find.

2. Add vegetables

Many people associate grilling only with meat or fish, but many vegetables are perfect to cook on the grill. Capsicums, tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchinis and asparagus come to mind, but did you know you can even grill corn on the cob? Delicious!

3. Marinate it

Marinades can lend a whole new level of yumminess to your grilled food. And the good news is that marinating may actually improve your health. When meat is cooked at high temperatures or over charcoal, there are some concerns about cancer-causing chemicals getting into the meat. Marinating the meat, however, is believed to help reduce these chemicals.

4. Skewer it

Cut down on grilling time by cutting your food into smaller pieces and putting them on skewers. It’s ideal for entertaining as well as quick weeknight meals where you want to add extra healthy items like vegetables whilst keeping the kids happy, too.

5. Toast it

Of course, grilling can also involve something simple like a sandwich. Create a healthy snack by making your own paninis at home – the options for tasty fillings are endless and a panini press makes it quick and easy to feed a hungry troop.

6. Just desserts

Don’t forget that you can also create delicious desserts using your grill! Firm fruits like peaches and pineapple lend themselves well to being grilled, but even softer fruits like banana can be used: just pop them into some foil with a drizzle of honey, or add some chocolate chips or a marshmallow for a great – if sticky – sweet!

As well as being delicious, grilling meats and vegetables can help maintain their essential vitamins. This inevitably makes the food better for you. Meats maintain their riboflavin and thiamine levels, and vegetables lock in natural vitamins and minerals. Often, grilled foods also contain more moisture, which is an added benefit. So go and check out the various options for grilling your food today at JB Hi-Fi – once you start grilling regularly, you’ll wish you started sooner!

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