Five mistakes that can ruin your hair

Error 1: Too often and too hot blow dry

Many people reach for the hair wash natural hair-dryer to dry the hair. The hot Föhnluft it takes a toll on hair and can dry it out. The result is that It looks brittle and dull.

It is better to let the hair to air dry, especially in the summer when it is warm, no Problem. Who does not want to forgo the Blow dry, you can adjust the temperature of the Föhngeräts down a bit. Many devices have a corresponding toggle switch or a button with a cooling option.

Error 2: hair brushes with wire use

Hair brushes, made of wire can cause damage to the hair structure. Better combs and brushes made of wood or brush with pure natural bristles, are suitable, for example, boar bristle.

Error 3: damaged hair dyeing

Chemical hair colors or perms have on pre-damaged hair. “They are extremely aggressive and pose a heavy burden for the hair,” warns the German skin and Allergy help. “It is better to natural hair colors or soft shades are suitable.”

Error 4: the sun forget protection

Not only the skin needs to be protected against UV radiation: Also, the hair can be stressed by intense sunlight. They bleach out and become dry.

Who wants to prevent, should take the hair at the beach, for example, in a cloth or a hat with a wide brim put.

Error 5: wrong skin care products

Avoid long-lasting care materials: they can weigh down hair and cause it to hang limp. Better slight hair treatments are suitable with water-soluble ingredients. You should once per week.

Long hair, prone to split ends, can be with a bit of olive oil maintained: a little warm Oil to RUB into the tips of damp hair. To prevent further Splitting of hair.

Source: German skin and Allergy aid Association