Dr. Murad Teams With Casper Mattress for Product Launch

Cultural stress, a term coined by Dr. Howard Murad more than 15 years ago, takes a toll at bedtime. But a new product from Murad’s namesake brand seeks to not only help people get to sleep but also wake up looking better.

“Sleep is one of the first things we sacrifice from our schedule as our daily responsibilities stretch into the night including keeping our phones nearby,” Murad said. The lack of sleep shows up in the form of dark under-eye circles, dullness, dehydration, wrinkles and puffiness. Murad noted that studies reveal the skin loses water three times faster at night. Ingredients found in the treatment can help skin hold more water and can help prevent overnight skin dehydration and support natural repair. “Night can be a time to repair the damage from the day,” he said.

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