Watch WWE Star Braun Strowman Do Some Incline Presses Ahead of WrestleMania

Pro wrestler Braun Strowman—aka, Adam Scherr—has spent the better part of the past year transforming himself into a leaner, more fit version of his larger-than-life WWE persona.

The self-proclaimed “beef king of the meat castle” and “monster among men” frequently shares clips of the workouts he’s been doing to pack on muscle while cutting fat. Earlier this year, Strowman also shared an inspirational, body-positive post celebrating his 40-pound weight loss transformation.

Clearly, the 6’8″ 386-pound former strongman continues to put in the work: In a recent video, the one-time WWE Universal Champion can be seen knocking out a few 143-kilogram (315 pound) reps on an incline bench press while donning one of his signature “meat castle” tank tops and a pair of short-shorts. (Here’s how we recommend doing the standard workout move with dumbbells.)

In a caption to the post, Strowman, 37, also alludes to what sounds like a rather extreme low-carb diet that he’s been using to lose weight fast, a possible sign that he might be doing paleo or keto or a similarly carb-restrictive eating plan.

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“Feeling pretty strong on almost zero carbs!” he wrote. “I get 50 grams today so if you see me I might be a lil cranky.” That doesn’t bode well for Strowman’s opponents this weekend at WrestleMania 37, which will reportedly include a long-awaited steel cage grudge match between Strowman and Shane McMahon, son of WWE owner Vince McMahon.

On Monday, Strowman dedicated the match to “anyone who has been called stupid in their life,” adding that, “I’m going to show you that you can overcome the fears of your life. All you have to do is wake up and realize that you were put on this earth for a reason.”

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