This 2-Move Workout Will Build Your Entire Body

For a total body workout, you could spend an hour training each individual muscle, or you could try these two next-level moves performed by Omar Bolden, former Broncos safety and Super Bowl 50 champ. Bolden hits a tough dumbbell crawl to press early in the series, then a kettlebell suitcase hesitation lunge later on.

Bolden performed the exercises in the middle of an intense circuit, which also included a few moves we wouldn’t necessarily recommend, especially for newbie gym-goers. If you’re going to try anything from his post out on your own, make sure that you stay within your fitness level and training experience.

In the first exercise (the first he performs in the clip), you’ll train your chest, biceps, shoulders, triceps, quads, and glutes, not to mention your core stability and ability to resist rotation. You’ll also make burpees look easy, improve your conditioning, and burn a ridiculous number of calories in minimal time.

Here’s how it works: Stand tall with two dumbbells down at your sides, squat down to place them both on the floor and jump your feet back so you’re in a pushup position with your feet about shoulder-width apart for balance. Making sure your hips are never wider than your shoulders, step each hand (and dumbbell) forward. Then, jump your feet forward between your hands and stand up. Now, to finish off the move, curl those dumbbells to your shoulders, and then push-press them overhead, using a small knee bend and bounce through your lower body to help drive the weights up.

For the second move (only visible for a brief moment at the 0:36 mark) you’ll get an awesome glute, quad, and oblique burn while improving balance and stability. Go ahead and grab a medium-weight kettlebell in one hand, step that side’s leg forward into a lunge. Then, drive through your heel to return back to standing, simultaneously raising your front thigh in front of you until it’s parallel to the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds, then step your foot in front of you again.

The challenge here is to not wobble, fall over, or need to touch your toe to the floor for balance throughout. That’s a job that primarily goes to your core and depends on maintaining total-body tension. Keep your core braced, hips level, shoulders pinned down and back, lats engaged, and actively grip the floor with your standing leg.

It won’t take many reps for you to realize that these are two incredibly challenging moves. So instead of aiming for a rep count, pay attention to how hard the exercises feel and how your form is holding up. Cut your sets at the first sign of your form faltering. Perform both exercises as a superset, rest for one to two minutes, and then repeat for three to four total rounds.

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